The ABC of Modern Biography
The ABC of Modern Biography
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Introduction A is for Authorization B is for Biography C is for Composition D is for Dictionaries of Biography E is for Ethics F is for Facts G is for Group Biography H is for History I is for Identity J is for Journalism K is for Kings, or Rulers L is for Life Writing M is for Memoir, Memoirs and Autobiography N is for Non-Fiction O is for Obituary P is for Psychology Q is for Quotation R is for Religion S is for Sex T is for Theory U is for U-turn V is for the Visual Arts W is for War X is for Xanadu Y is for Youth Z is for Zigzagging to the End Bibliography

Recensies en Artikelen

"Nigel Hamilton and Hans Renders' compact and companionable The ABC of Modern Biography is an essential guide, certain to be cherished by both readers and writers. I learned and laughed, and lingered over many an entry. Take it along on your own journey through life!" - Megan Marshall, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Margaret Fuller, The Peabody Sisters, and Elizabeth Bishop: A Miracle for Breakfast

"For students of biography, for experts, and for anybody who's just interested in how lives of individuals tell the story of our time, this exquisite volume serves as road map - and provocative spur." - John A. Farrell, journalist and author of Richard Nixon: the Life, as well as Clarence Darrow: Attorney for the Damned, winner of the Los Angeles Times Award for Best Biography of the Year

"Over the last thirty years the forms and ambitions of modern biography have been expanding almost beyond recognition, and this sprightly ABC volume promises to take a fresh and exuberant overview of current developments. Nimble and non-academic, boldly arranged topic by topic, it will challenge many conventional assumptions about the way biographers actually work, and should provoke some fascinating discussions about the future of the genre. I welcome this feisty contribution to the ongoing biographical debate!" -Richard Holmes

"The rise of biography is the literary event of our time: Hamilton and Renders are its pioneer scholars, and their compelling primer is a must read." - Joanny Moulin, President of the Biography Society, Institut Universitaire de France

"An incisive yet remarkably comprehensive introduction to the controversies and complexities of biography by two of the world's leading authorities on the subject. Contemporary examples of biographical practice are put into the context of the history of biography, beginning with Plutarch. No scholar or student of biography can afford to ignore this indispensable volume about an indispensable genre. Bravo!" - Carl Rollyson, biographer of Susan Sontag, Rebecca West, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Foot and William Faulkner

Nigel Hamilton, Hans Renders

The ABC of Modern Biography

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In this book - an ABC of the genre, with 26 entries - two renowned biographers and teachers take us on a tour, from A for Authorization to Z for Zigzagging to the End. In trenchant, witty entries they explore the good, the bad and the plain ugly in modern 'life writing' and the portrayal of real lives today - and how, across history and continents, we got here.

This book will fascinate general readers interested in how real lives are approached by biographers today in a multitude of media. It will make a much-needed contribution in academia, as well as providing an important text for students of history, language and literature, the arts, science and media. And, not least, for biographers trying to avoid the pitfalls of ignorance or ineptitude.

Nigel Hamilton

Nigel Hamilton is auteur van prijswinnende biografieën, waaronder die van John F. Kennedy en van Bill Clinton. Zijn werk is in zestien talen vertaald. In Nederland verscheen Roosevelt versus Churchill. Bevelhebbers in oorlog — 1943 (2016).

Hans Renders

Hans Renders is hoogleraar Geschiedenis en Theorie van de Biografie aan de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen en directeur van het Biografie Instituut. Hij is criticus voor Het Parool en verzorgt een maandelijkse rubriek over biografieën voor het radioprogramma Met het oog op morgen.