The Barrandov Studios
The Barrandov Studios
A Central European Hollywood
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Bernd Herzogenrath - Once Upon a [Central European] Time
1. (Film) History
(Tereza Czesany Dvoráková) - Barrandov and Its Founder Milos Havel
(Radomír D. Kokes) – The Concept of Regional Poetics of Cinema: Czech Films of the 1920s and Early 1930s
(Kevin B. Johnson) – Barrandov’s First Fifteen Years: Genres, Stars, Germans, and the State
2. Production History
(Petr Szczepanik) – Industrial Authorship and Group Style in Czech Cinema of the 1950s and 1960s
(Pavel Skopal and Michal SaSek) - Marcela Pittermannová: Barrandov Dramaturges as Clients, Brokers, and Patrons
(Jindriska Bláhová) - Ambitious “Alien” v. Perestroika: Prazská 5 (1988), Home Video, and Producing Politically Subversive Cinema at the 1980s Barrandov
3. Individual Directors
(Lucie Cesálková) – A Documentarian between Genres: Jirí Weiss, A Crossover Auteur at Barrandov
(David Sorfa) – The Loves of a System: Milos Forman and Barrandov
(Peter Hames) – Barrandov and Chytilová
(Jonathan Owen) - Barrandov Baroque: The Tenacious Artistry of Juraj Herz
(Bernd Herzogenrath) – Václav Vorlícek: A Dream Within a Dream
(Matthew Sweney)– The ‘Vault’ Films

Bernd Herzogenrath (red.)

The Barrandov Studios

A Central European Hollywood

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The Barrandov Studios are one of the largest and oldest film studios in Europe. For more than 80 years so far, the studios have been the location of choice for over 2,500 Czech and International films. Barrandov’s founding fathers, the Havel brothers Vàclav and Milo. (the grandfather and uncle of later president Vàclav Havel), built the ‘Hollywood of Eastern Europe’ in the 1930s.

A legendary studio like this – and its story – has so far not been told to an English-speaking readership. This collection aims to correct this, presenting the studio’s rich history, its esteemed directors, and their most important films.

Bernd Herzogenrath

Bernd Herzogenrath is professor of American Studies, Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main. Publications include: The Films of Bill Morrison (AUP 2017), Practical Aesthetics (Bloomsbury 2020), and Concepts (Bloomsbury 2022). He is (with Patricia Pisters) the main-editor of the series thinking|media (Bloomsbury).