The History of Grammar in Foreign Language Teaching
The History of Grammar in Foreign Language Teaching
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Introduction (Simon Coffey)
1. The emergence of grammar in the Western world: grammatical theory and language teaching in Greek Antiquity (Pierre Swiggers & Alfons Wouters)
2. Secondary grammar education in the Middle Ages (Anneli Luhtala)
3. Grammar is the Key: Ælfric's Grammar and the teaching of Latin in tenth-century England (Don Chapman)
4. Spanish grammaticography and the teaching of Spanish in the sixteenth century (José J. Gómez Asencio, Carmen Quijada & Pierre Swiggers)
5. Quelle grammaire française pour les étrangers, du seizième au dix-huitième siècle? (Valérie Raby)
6. Grammar in verse: Latin pedagogy in seventeenth-century England (Victoria Moul)
7. Learning grammar in eighteenth-century Russia (Ekaterina Kislova, Tatiana Kostina & Vladislav Rjéoutski)
8. Wanostrocht's Practical Grammar and the grammar-translation model (Simon Coffey)
9. ?Language turned back on itself?: growth and structure of the English metalanguage (John Walmsley)
10. La grammaire dans le mouvement de la réforme en France et en Grande-Bretagne (Javier Suso López & Irene Valdés Melguizo)
11. Grammar in English schools: a century of decline and rebirth (Richard Hudson)
12. Réflexion épistémologique en didactique du français langue étrangère sur la place de la grammaire de l'oralité ? (Corinne Weber)
Afterword (Nicola McLelland)

Simon Coffey (red.)

The History of Grammar in Foreign Language Teaching

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Taking a broadly chronological approach, this volume of original essays traces the origins of the concept of ‘grammar’. In doing so, it charts the social, moral and cultural factors that have shaped the development of grammar from Antiquity, via the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Modern Europe, to current education systems and language learning pedagogy. The chapters examine key turning points in the history of language teaching epistemology, focusing on grammar for language teaching across different European cultural contexts. Bringing together leading scholars of classical and modern languages education, The History of Grammar in Foreign Language Teaching offers the first single-source reference on the evolving concept of grammar across cultural and linguistic borders in Western language education. It therefore represents a valuable resource for teachers, teacher-educators and course designers, as well as students and scholars of historical linguistics, and of second and foreign language education.

Simon Coffey

Simon Coffey is Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Modern Languages Education at King’s College London, where he is Programme Director of the PGCE. His scholarship revolves around modern languages teaching in schools and he is currently researching the history of French teaching and learning in England.