China's Political Worldview and Chinese Exceptionalism
China's Political Worldview and Chinese Exceptionalism
International Order and Global Leadership
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Introduction. The Rise of China: Political Worldview and Chinese Exceptionalism
Chapter 2. Chinese political worldview: IR with Chinese characteristics
Chapter 3. Who is China: A Remaking of National Identity
Chapter 4. Chinese national image and global leadership
Chapter 5. The Belt and Road and the Path to Chinese Greatness
Chapter 6. Perceiving China (Case studies from Indonesia and Vietnam)
Chapter 7. Deciphering China (Views from Singapore)
Chapter 8. Conclusion: From Chinese exceptionalism to Chinese universality
Chapter 9. Afterword: Covid-19 and the limits of Chinese exceptionalism

Benjamin Ho

China's Political Worldview and Chinese Exceptionalism

International Order and Global Leadership

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China's Political Worldview and Chinese Exceptionalism: International Order and Global Leadership uses the notion of "Chinese exceptionalism" as a framework to analyze China's international politics and foreign policy. This book argues that China's approach to international relations is best understood in the context of these claims to exceptionalism and China's broader political world view. In doing so, it fosters a more comprehensive understanding of China's actions within the realms of foreign policy and international politics, and in the context of the preferred world order, norms and rules that the country seeks to promote.
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Benjamin Ho

Benjamin Tze Ern Ho is Assistant Professor at the China Programme, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His research focus includes the study of China’s international relations, with an emphasis on Chinese political worldview and exceptionalism thinking. Other research interests include security multilateralism in the Asia Pacific region with a focus on regional institutions and fora, national security (intelligence), the sociology of religion and public theology (Christianity).