Cities and Cultures
Image from the cover of Visualizing the Street, edited by Pedram Dibazar and Judith Naeff
Series editors

Christoph Lindner, University College London

Geographical Scope
Chronological Scope
20th to 21st centuries
Advisory Board

Ackbar Abbas, University of California, Irvine
Myria Georgiou, London School of Economics and Political Science
Derek Gregory, University of British Columbia
Mona Harb, American University of Beirut
Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, University of Lincoln
Shirley Jordan, Newcastle University
Nicole Kalms, Monash University
Geoffrey Kantaris, University of Cambridge
Brandi Thompson Summers, University of California, Berkeley
Ginette Verstraete, VU University Amsterdam
Richard J. Williams, University of Edinburgh

Visual Culture; Urban Culture; Architecture; Urban Planning; Photography; Film

Cities and Cultures

De onderstaande tekst is niet beschikbaar in het Nederlands en wordt in het Engels weergegeven.

Cities and Cultures is an interdisciplinary book series addressing the interrelations between cities and the cultures they produce. The series takes a special interest in the impact of globalization on urban space and cultural production, but remains concerned with all forms of cultural expression and transformation associated with modern and contemporary cities.