Heritage and Memory Studies
Cover illustration: Central Zionist Archives. ‘The Old City in Miniature at the Holyland Hotel’, file no. NKH\428705, original no. 2198/39. Image taken from Modelscapes of Nationalism By Yael Padan
Series editors

Ihab Saloul, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Rob van der Laarse , University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Geographical Scope
Chronological Scope
Contemporary History
Editorial Board

Patrizia Violi, University of Bologna, Italy
Britt Baillie, Cambridge University, UK
Michael Rothberg, University of Illinois, USA
Marianne Hirsch, Columbia University, USA
Frank van Vree, NIOD and University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Identity, Nationalism, Diaspora, Generational and Transnational Memories, Commemoration, Dark Tourism, Performativity, Social Forgetting, Digital Heritage, Europe and Beyond

Heritage and Memory Studies

De onderstaande tekst is niet beschikbaar in het Nederlands en wordt in het Engels weergegeven.

This ground-breaking series examines the dynamics of heritage and memory from a transnational, interdisciplinary and integrated approaches. Monographs or edited volumes critically interrogate the politics of heritage and dynamics of memory, as well as the theoretical implications of landscapes and mass violence, nationalism and ethnicity, heritage preservation and conservation, archaeology and (dark) tourism, diaspora and postcolonial memory, the power of aesthetics and the art of absence and forgetting, mourning and performative re-enactments in the present.