Social Worlds of Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
Cover illustration from Marriage, Sex and Death, Emma Southon (Amsterdam University Press, 2017). Detail of historiated initial 'G'(eneratione) with a couple in bed, and a nursemaid with an infant in a cot below, at the beginning of the third book 'On Coming Into Being and Passing Away' ('De Generatione et Corruptione') concerning chemical transformations and conditions of existence.
British Library Illuminated Manuscripts Catalogue.
Series editors

Carlos Machado, University of St. Andrews
Ellen Swift, University of Kent
Enrico Zanini, University of Siena
Lisa Bailey, University of Auckland
Maijastina Kahlos, University of Helsinki
Volker Menze, Central European University

Geographical Scope
The greater Mediterranean world: Europe, North Africa, and the Near East, as well as Persia, the Arabian peninsula, and Ethiopia.
Chronological Scope
200-800 AD
Social History, Mediterranean World, Late Roman Empire, Byzantium, Migration Period (Völkerwanderung), Christianity, Judaism, Islam

Social Worlds of Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages

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The Late Antiquity experienced profound cultural and social change: the political disintegration of the Roman Empire in the West, contrasted by its continuation and transformation in the East; the arrival of ‘barbarian’ newcomers and the establishment of new polities; a renewed militarisation and Christianisation of society; as well as crucial changes in Judaism and Christianity, together with the emergence of Islam and the end of classical paganism. This series focuses on the resulting diversity within Late Antique society, emphasising cultural connections and exchanges; questions of unity and inclusion, alienation and conflict; and the processes of syncretism and change. By drawing upon a number of disciplines and approaches, this series sheds light on the cultural and social history of Late Antiquity and the greater Mediterranean world.