Britain and Japan
Britain and Japan
Biographical Portraits
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Introduction by Hugh Cortazzi List of Contributors Index of Biographical Portraits in Japan Society Volumes PART I: JAPAN IN BRITAIN THINGS JAPANESE 1. The Great Japan Exhibition, 1981–82 NICOLAS MACLEAN 2. Haiku in the British Isles: A Tale of Acceptance and Non-Acceptance DAVID COBB 3. Japanese Gardens and the Japanese Garden Society in the UK GRAHAM HARDMAN 4. Three Ages of British Kendo: The Introduction of a Unique Sporting and Cultural Activity PAUL BUDDEN 5. The Nippon Club, 1881–2014 SETSUO KATO 6. Japan and Ye Sette of Odd Volumes and London’s Thirteen Club in the 1890s HUGH CORTAZZI PART II: BRITAIN IN JAPAN TRADE 7. British Week in Tokyo, 1969 BEN THORNE 8. Expo ’70, Osaka JOHN PILCHER 9. The British Export Marketing Centre and theXX Promotion of British Exports from 1972 PAUL DIMOND 10. Scotch Whisky in Japan STUART JACK BRITISH ACTIVITIES 11. Mountaineering in Japan: British Pioneers and the Pre-war Japanese Alpine Club HAMISH ION 12. Cricket in Late Edo and Meiji Japan MIKE GALBRAITH 13. Introduction of Football from Britain into Nineteenth-century Japan: Rugby Football and Soccer MIKE GALBRAITH 14. Freemasonry in Japan PAULINE CHAKMAKJIAN MISSIONARIES 15. Christ Church, Yokohama, and its First Incumbent: Michael Buckworth Bailey, 1862–1872 HAMISH ION 16. British Bible Societies and the Translation of the Bible into Japanese in the Nineteenth Century HAMISH ION 17. Bishop Kenneth Sansbury (1905–1993): College Lecturer and Chaplain AUDREY SANSBURY TALKS MUSIC, DRAMA AND FILM 18. John William Fenton (1831–1890) and the Japanese National Anthem Kimigayo AKIRA IMAMURA 19. Britain and Japan: Musical Exchanges before World War II AKIRA IMAMURA Contents 20. Kazuo Kikuta (1908-1973), Japanese Impresario and Lover of Charles Dickens: A Personal Memoir NOBUKO ALBERY 21. Kawakita Nagamasa (1903–1981) and Kawakita Kashiko (1908-1993): Film Ambassadors GORDON DANIELS 22. Sessue Hayakawa (1886-1973): International Film Star NORIMASA MORITA EPISODE 23. The Return of Japan’s Lost Telescope after 400 Years SEAN CURTIN PAINTERS 24. Ella Du Cane (1874-1943): Watercolourist TONI HUBERMAN 25. Alfred Parsons, RA, PRWS (1847-1920) and the Japanese Watercolour Movement TOSHIO WATANABE JOURNALISTS 26. R.V.C. Bodley (‘Bodley of Arabia’) (1892-1970): Soldier, Adventurer, Journalist and Writer in Japan, 1933–1934 BILL SNELL 27. Norman Macrae (1921–2010): Pioneering Journalist of The Economist on Japanese Affairs BILL EMMOTT AND ADRIAN WOOLRIDGE JAPANESE WOMEN PIONEERS 28. Yamamoto Yao (1875-1955) and Japanese Nursing GORDON DANIELS 29. ?e Sumi (1875-1948) and Domestic Science in Japan HIROKO TOMIDA PART III: SCHOLARS AND WRITERS JAPANESE 30. Yanaihara Tadao (1893-1961) and His Tour of Britain, 1920-1921 SUSAN TOWNSEND 31. Ichikawa Sanki (1886-1970): Expert in English Philology and Literature SAITO YOSHIFUMI 32. Michio Morishima (1923–2004): An Economist Made in Japan 36 JANET HUNTER 33. Honma Hisao (1886–1981): Expert on Oscar Wilde YOKO HIRATA 34. Shimamura H?getsu (1871-1918): Pioneer of Shingeki – Western-style Theatre – in Japan NORIMASA MORITA 35. Mut? Ch?z? (1881–1942), and A Short History of Anglo-Japanese Relations 4 ELEANOR ROBINSON 36. Yanada Senji (1906–1972): Teacher of Japanese at SOAS SADAO OBA AND ANNE KANEKO 37. Sakurai J? ji, (1858-1939): Leading Chemist and N? Drama Specialist YOSHIYUKI KIKUCHI BRITISH 38. Edward Divers (1837–1912) and Robert William Atkinson (1850–1929): Influential Teachers of Chemistry in Meiji Japan YOSHIYUKI KIKUCHI 39. Edward Vivian Gatenby, CBE (1892–1955): Distinguished Teacher of English as a Foreign Language PAUL SNOWDEN 40. Wolf Mendl (1926-1999): Leading Scholar in the Field of International Relations IAN NISH ix Contents 41. John Sargent (d. 2013): Respected Geographer of Japan VARIOUS 42. Grace James (1882-1965) and Mrs T.H. (Kate) James (1845-1928): Writers of Children’s Stories NOBORU K

Hugh Cortazzi, Japan Society

Britain and Japan

Biographical Portraits

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Published in association with the Japan Society and containing 57 essays, this ninth volume in the series continues to celebrate the life and work of the men and women, both British and Japanese, who over time played an interesting and significant role in a wide variety of different spheres relating to the history of Anglo-Japanese relations and deserve to be recorded and remembered. Read together they give a picture, even if inevitably a partial one, of important facets of modern history and Anglo-Japanese institutions. They shed light on a number of controversial issues as well as illuminate past successes and failures. Structured thematically in four Parts – Japan in Britain, Britain in Japan, Scholars and Writers, Politicians and Officials – the highlights in this volume include: The Great Japan Exhibition, 1981-82; Japanese Gardens and the Japanese Garden Society in the UK; Cricket in Late Edo and Meiji Japan; Norman Macrae, pioneering journalist of The Economist; Arthur Balfour – managing the emergence of Japan as a Great Power; Michio Morishima, an economist ‘made in Japan’; Margaret Thatcher – a pragmatist who radically improved Britain’s image in Japan.

Hugh Cortazzi

Sir Hugh Cortazzi, GCMG, was British Ambassador to Japan 1980-1984 and Chairman of The Japan Society, London, 1985-1995. He has written extensively on Japan. His many books include Isles of Gold: Antique Maps of Japan (1983), The Japanese Achievement (1990) and his memoir Japan and Back and Places Elsewhere (1998). He compiled and edited seven volumes of Britain & Japan: Biographical Portraits, most recently volume X (2016).