Britain and Japan
Britain and Japan
Biographical Portraits
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Introduction by Hugh Cortazzi List of Contributors Index of Biographical Portraits in Japan Society Volumes PART I: BRITAIN IN JAPAN PERSONALITIES and ENTREPRENEURS 1. Admiral Sir Fleetwood Pellew (1789–1861) and the Phaeton Incident of 1808 TIMON SCREECH 2. Thomas (Sir Stamford) Raffles (1781–1826) and Dr Donald Ainslie TIMON SCREECH 3. Victoria Crosses Awarded for Valour in Japan: Duncan Boyes, Thomas Pride, William Seeley and Robert Gray IAN RUXTON 4. Marianne North (1830–1890): Traveller, Botanist and Artist TADASHI KARATO and HUGH CORTAZZI 5. William Henry Smith (1838–1884): Prominent Publicspirited Figure in Early Yokohama History MIKE GALBRAITH 6. Alan Owston (1853–1915): Naturalist and Yachtsman MIKE GALBRAITH 7. Edgar Abbott (1849–1890): Athlete and Brewer MIKE GALBRAITH 8. No 48, Yokohama MIKE GALBRAITH 9. Thomas Bates Blow (1853–1941): Antiquarian, Apiarist and Pioneer Motorist in Japan IAN CHRYSTIE WRITERS and BROADCASTERS 10. Ernest Harold Pickering, M.P. (1881–1957): A Convinced but Unconvincing Apologist for Japan PETER O’CONNOR 11. Dorothy Britton (Lady Bouchier 1922–2015), Gifted Composer, Author and Translator HUGH CORTAZZI and PAUL NORBURY 12. John Newman (1925–1993): J?d?ka, Broadcaster and Academic IAN RUXTON 13. Peter Martin (1931–2004): Successful Author and British Council Representative MIKE BARRETT MISSIONARIES 14. Charles Frederick Warren (1841–1899): Anglican Missionary in Osaka HAMISH ION 15. Barclay Fowell Buxton (1860–1946): Evangelistic Missionary in Japan HAMISH ION 16. The Archdeacon and the Canon: The Hutchinsons of Japan HAMISH ION POLITICIANS 17. The Fifteenth Earl of Derby (1826–1893): Foreign Secretary ROBERT MORTON and ANDREW COBBING 18. Earl of Kimberley (1826–1902) and Japan THOMAS OTTE 19. Lord Lansdowne (1845–1927) and Japan THOMAS OTTE 20. Lord Lytton (1876–1947) and Anglo-Japanese Relations in the 1930s ANTONY BEST OFFICIALS and DIPLOMATS 21. Early British Judges in Japan, 1865–1881: Sir Edmund Grimani Hornby, Charles Wycliffe Goodwin and Sir Richard Temple Rennie [with an appendix on the Maria Luz case] CHRISTOPHER ROBERTS 22. John Carey Hall (1864–1926): A Career in Japan and the Japan Consular Service J.E. HOARE 23. Sir Colin John Davidson (1878–1930): Japan Specialist in the British Consular Service AYAKO HOTTA-LISTER 24. John Frederick Lowder (1843–1902): Consul, Counsel and o-yatoi J.E. HOARE 25. Sir Edward Crowe (1877–1960): Forgotten Star of the Japan Consular Service J.E. HOARE 26. Oswald ‘Shiro’ White (1884–1970): 38 Years in the Japan Consular Service HUGO READ 27. Three British Consuls in Manchuria, 1931–32: Esler Dening, Robert Scott and George Moss IAN NISH 28. Sir Fred Warner (1918–1995): Ambassador to Japan, 1972–76 ROBERT COOPER 29. Sir Michael Wilford (1922–2006): Ambassador to Japan, 1975–80 DAVID WARREN 30. Sir John Whitehead (1932–2013): Ambassador to Japan, 1987–1992 HUGH CORTAZZI SCHOLARS 31. Basil Hall Chamberlain’s Things Japanese and the ‘Invention of a New Religion’: A Critique of Bushido JOSEPH CRONIN 32. William J.S. Shand (1850–1909) and Henry John Weintz (1864–1931): ‘Japanese Self-taught’ NOBORU KOYAMA 33. Douglas Mills (1923–2005): Scholar of Japanese at Cambridge University RICHARD BOWRING 34. John McEwan (1924–1969): Scholar of Japanese at Cambridge University PETER KORNICKI BUSINESS, TRADE and INVESTMENT 35. Charles Sale (1868–1943) and George Sale (1896–1976): Business and Politics in Anglo-Japanese Relations ANTONY BEST 36. Christopher W. McDonald (1931–2011): A Life in Japan YUNICHIRO NAKAJIMA 37. NSK at Peterlee: A Successful Japanese Manufacturing Investment in the UK 4 NSK STAFF MEMBERS 38. Sharp Corporation’s UK Research Investment: Sharp Laboratories of Europe Ltd CLIVE BRADLEY 39. Mitsubishi Electric’s Manufacturing Investments in Scotland YOSHIO NOGUCHI 40. Alps Electric (UK) Limited and the Birth of Two Trees Photonics Limited PETER WOODLAND 41.

Hugh Cortazzi

Britain and Japan

Biographical Portraits

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This tenth volume in the series, comprising some fifty essays, offers a further wide-ranging selection of essays on different themes and personalities, grouped thematically, from portraits of key figures such as Stamford Raffles and Lord Lytton to the history of Japanese trade and investment in the UK, such as NSK at Peterlee and Mitsubishi Electric in Scotland, from scholars such as Basil Hall Chamberlain, to international Japanese banker Ogata Shijuro.

Hugh Cortazzi

Sir Hugh Cortazzi, GCMG, was British Ambassador to Japan 1980-1984 and Chairman of The Japan Society, London, 1985-1995. He has written extensively on Japan. His many books include Isles of Gold: Antique Maps of Japan (1983), The Japanese Achievement (1990) and his memoir Japan and Back and Places Elsewhere (1998). He compiled and edited seven volumes of Britain & Japan: Biographical Portraits, most recently volume X (2016).