Early Photography in Vietnam
Early Photography in Vietnam
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ap of Vietnam, 1902 ii Preface vii Acknowledgements xi Introduction: Colonization and the Camera 1
Chapter 1 The Earliest Photographs of Vietnam and the Vietnamese 11
Chapter 2 Commercial Studios (1860s–1870s) 44
Chapter 3 Émile Gsell (1838–1879): Celebrated Photographer of Nineteenth-Century Vietnam 60
Chapter 4 Commercial Studios (1880s–1890s) 100
Chapter 5 Charles-Édouard Hocquard (1853–1911): Photographer of the 1884–5 SinoFrench War 154 Chapter 6 Selection of Twentieth-Century Photographers 175 Chronology of Photography in Vietnam (1845–1954) 259
Appendix 1 Index of Photographers and Studios in Vietnam (1845–1954) 273
Appendix 2 Number Lists: Raphael Moreau and Émile Gsell 280
Appendix 3 Postcards 292
Appendix 4 Royal Photographic Portraits 302
Appendix 5 Cartes de Visite and Cabinet Cards 323 EARLY PHOTOGRAPHY IN VIETNAM vi
Appendix 6 1863 Vietnamese Embassy to France 386 Photographic Terms 399 Select Bibliography 403

Terry Bennett

Early Photography in Vietnam

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Early Photography in Vietnam is a fascinating and outstanding pictorial record of photography in Vietnam during the century of French rule. In more than 500 photographs, many published here for the first time, the volume records Vietnam’s capture and occupation by the French, the wide-ranging ethnicities and cultures of Vietnam, the country’s fierce resistance to foreign rule, leading to the reassertion of its own identity and subsequent independence. This benchmark volume also includes a chronology of photography (1845–1954), an index of more than 240 photographers and studios in the same period, appendixes focusing on postcards, royal photographic portraits, Cartes de Visite and Cabinet Cards, as well as a select bibliography and list of illustrations.