Exploring Past Images in a Digital Age
Exploring Past Images in a Digital Age
Reinventing the Archive
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Introduction: The Joys of Forgetting, Reinventing and Coping with the Archive Fever (Nezih Erdo.an and Ebru Kayaalp)
New Frontiers? Between Absence and Presence of Archives
What Are Film Archives For? (and why we need them to change) or: Adventures in the Archive World (Ian Christie)
Viewing The Ottoman Land in Early Travel Films (Peyami Çelikcan)
How Social Media Platforms Replace Film Archives When There are No Archives (Serkan .avk)
Intersecting Paths of Eveline T. Scott and Traugott Fuchs: How do Private Collections Speak to Us? (Nurçin .leri)
The God of Small Films or What You Have Found is not What You Have Lost
The Ethics of Appropriation: Found Footage between Archive and Internet (Thomas Elsaesser)
The Infra-Ordinary Archive: On the Turkish 8 mm Home Movies (Ege Berensel)
Interview with Gustav Deutsch: “Categorisation Limits” (Claudy Op den Kamp)
Old Footage, New Meanings. The Case of The Atomic Café (Sibley Labandeira)
What the Prints (don’t) Tell
Preservation and Resignation: A Study on Survival (Fumiko Tsuneishi)
Memory and Trust in a Time of Un-framing the Film Heritage (Nico de Klerk)
“Uncontained” Archives of Cinema (Rashmi Devi Sawhney)

Nezih Erdogan, Ebru Kayaalp (red.)

Exploring Past Images in a Digital Age

Reinventing the Archive

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Film archives are fast spreading around the world, and with them issues surrounding archival digitisation, artistic appropriation, and academic reinterpretation of film material that demand scholarly attention. Exploring Past Images in a Digital Age: Reinventing the Archive aims to fill this demand with a thought-provoking collection of original articles contributed by renowned scholars, archivists, and artists. It urges the reader to “forget” standard ways of thinking about film archives and come to grips with the challenges of analysing and recontextualising an area in transit from the analogue to the digital. The book not only throws light on unexplored issues related to film archives but also introduces unconventional approaches and alternative sources for scholarly research and a vast range of artistic possibilities.

Nezih Erdogan

Nezih Erdogan has published articles and book chapters on Turkish popular cinema, and the early years of cinema in Istanbul. He is currently working at Istanbul Istinye University. His articles are published in Screen, New Cinemas, and Participations.

Ebru Kayaalp

Ebru Kayaalp is a cultural anthropologist currently working at Yeditepe University, Istanbul. Her articles are published inRegulation and Governance, Ethnologie Française, Social Anthropology, Health, Risk and Society and Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space .