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Shanghai Literary Imaginings
Shanghai Literary Imaginings
A City in Transformation
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"Shanghai Literary Imaginings: A City in Transformation is an admirable feat of organization, analysis, translation, and interpretation, bringing to light a large body of work that would otherwise lie buried, at least in the western world of Chinese studies." - <Andrew David Field in Modern Chinese Literature and Culture "Lena Scheen writes a lucid and compelling account of literature written amidst Shanghai's sweeping transformations from 1990-2010. She evokes lived experiences of the city via literary and cultural analysis informed by field research on influential authors, their texts and their public reception. Shanghai: Literary Imaginings is essential reading on turn-of-the-millennium Shanghai literary culture." -- Robin Visser, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill "Shanghai Literary Imaginings offers significant new insights into contemporary Chinese urban culture from a highly innovative methodological perspective. Its truly interdisciplinary approach makes Shanghai Literary Imaginings stand out from other books that comment on contemporary Chinese city life." -- Michel Hockx, Director SOAS China Institute, London

Lena Scheen

Shanghai Literary Imaginings

A City in Transformation

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This book draws on a wide range of methods-including approaches from literary studies, cultural studies, and urban sociology-to analyse the transformation of Shanghai through rapid growth and widespread urban renewal. Lena Scheen explores the literary imaginings of the city, its past, present, and future, in order to understand the effects of that urban transformation on both the psychological state of Shanghai's citizens and their perception of the spaces they inhabit.
€ 105,00
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Lena Scheen

Lena Scheen is assistant professor/faculty fellow at New York University Shanghai (NYU Shanghai).