Asian Cities
Angkor Thom
Photo: Marcin Konsek / Wikimedia Commons
Series editors

Paul Rabé, Urban Knowledge Network Asia (UKNA) at International Institute for Asian Studies, the Netherlands

Geographical Scope
Asia; East Asia; South-East Asia
Chronological Scope
19th to 21st centuries
Editorial Board

Henco Bekkering, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands
Charles Goldblum, University of Paris 8, France
Xiaoxi HUI, Beijing University of Technology, China
Stephen LAU, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Rita Padawangi, Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore
Parthasarathy Rengarajan, Gujarat Institute of Development Research, Gujarat, India
Neha Sami, Indian Institute of Human Settlements, Bangalore, India


Asian Cities

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The Asian Cities Series explores urban cultures, societies and developments from the ancient to the contemporary city, from West Asia and the Near East to East Asia and the Pacific. The series focuses on three avenues of inquiry: evolving and competing ideas of the city across time and space; urban residents and their interactions in the production, shaping and contestation of the city; and urban challenges of the future as they relate to human well-being, the environment, heritage and public life.