Immigration in Singapore
Immigration in Singapore
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Introduction: Immigration and Singapore Norman Vasu, Yeap Su Yin and Chan Wen Ling 1. Immigration in Singapore: An Overview Yap Mui Teng 2. Angst, Anxieties, and Anger in a Global City: Coping with and Right-Sizing the Immigration Imperative in Singapore Eugene K B Tan 3. The Politics of Immigration: Unpacking the Policies of the PAP Government and Opposition in Singapore Bilveer Singh 4. Social Integration of Immigrants into Multiracial Singapore Mathew Mathews and Danielle Hong 5. Reconstructing Singapore as a Cosmopolitan Landscape: The Geographies of Migration and its Social Divisions that Extend into the Heartlands Elaine Lynn-Ee Ho 6. "Family, Worker or Outsider": Employer-Domestic Helper Relations in Singapore Theresa W Devasahayam 7. Wither Integration? Managing the Politics of Identity and Social Inclusion Leong Chan-Hoong 8. Permanent Residents Serving National Service: Round Pegs in a Square Hole? Ho Shu Huang and Yolanda Chin

Recensies en Artikelen

"Immigration in Singapore ... provides an important insight into how Singapore developed post-1965 particularly with respect to its population strategy.' -- Michiel Baas, Research Fellow, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore for theNewsletter, International Institute for Asian Studies, No. 71, Summer 2015

"[This] book offers several important perspectives for understanding how Singapore becomes an exemplary success story in the global South as a striving city-state with far-sighted strategic policies for nurturing the human capitals and human talents. The book is a nice read for the scholars in diaspora studies and social reforms." - Anup Kumar Das in Diaspora Studies

N Vasu

Su Yin Yeap, Wen Ling Chan (red.)

Immigration in Singapore

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This study traces the socio-political effects of immigration on Singapore and its population, a topic that has been the subject of intense debate in the nation as its population grows increasingly diverse. Beyond the logic of economic imperatives, the book aims to explore the larger consequences of taking in large number of immigrants, and its analysis should appeal to scholars of migration, social change, and public policy.

N Vasu

Norman Vasu is Senior Fellow and Deputy Head at the Centre of Excellence for National Security (CENS), S Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Su Yin Yeap

Sun Yin Yeap is an associate research fellow at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Wen Ling Chan

Chan Wen Ling was previously an Associate Research Fellow at the Centre of Excellence for National Security (CENS), S Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. She is now an English language and music teacher at St Hilda's Secondary School, Singapore.