Inge Klompmakers

Inge has a background in Japan studies and art history and was educated at Leiden University. She is an experienced commissioning editor, who enjoys the collaborations with scholars and curators and making their scholarship available to the academic world and beyond.

At AUP, Inge is responsible for the Asian studies program and she is happy to discuss new projects on pre-modern, modern and contemporary Asia, across all disciplines. Inge is always curious to learn about new research topics. She welcomes proposals on subjects as, but not limited to, religious studies; sociology; politics and international relations; history; art and visual culture; literature and publishing history; labor developments; migration; ageing and technology; rural Asia, urban Asia, digital Asia; heritage studies, health, medicine and Science, and Asia in the world.

Additionally, Inge commissions books for AUP’s art history program and in her portfolio is, amongst others, the series Van Gogh Museum Studies.

Inge's series:

Acquirerend redacteur Aziëstudies
Inge Klompmakers