The Political Culture of the Sister Republics, 1794-1806
The Political Culture of the Sister Republics, 1794-1806
France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Italy
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Timeline of the Sister Republics (1794-1806) The political culture of the Sister republics - Joris Oddens and Mart Rutjes 'The political passions of other nations'. National choices and the European order in the writings of Germaine de Staël - Biancamaria Fontana 1. THE TRANSFORMATION OF REPUBLICANISM The transformation of republicanism in the Sister Republics - Andrew Jainchill ‘Republic’ and ‘democracy’ in Dutch late eighteenth-century revolutionary discourse - Wyger R. E. Velema New wine and old wineskins. Republicanism in the Helvetic Republic - Urte Weeber 2. POLITICAL CONCEPTS AND LANGUAGES Revolutionary concepts and languages in the Sister Republics of the late 1790s - Pasi Ihalainen Useful citizens. Citizenship and democracy in the Batavian Republic, 1795-1801 - Mart Rutjes From rights to citizenship to the Helvetian indigénat. Political integration of citizens under the Helvetic Republic - Silvia Arlettaz The battle over ‘democracy’ in Italian political thought during the revolutionary triennio, 1796-1799 - Mauro Lenci 3. THE INVENTION OF DEMOCRATIC PARLIAMENTARY PRACTICES Parliamentary practices in the Sister Republics in the light of the French experience - Malcolm Crook Making the most of national time. Accountability, transparency, and term limits in the f.irst Dutch Parliament (1796-1797) - Joris Oddens The invention of democratic parliamentary practices in the Helvetic Republic. Some remarks - André Holenstein The Neapolitan republican experiment of 1799. Legislation, balance of power, and the workings of democracy between theory and practice - Valeria Ferrari 4. PRESS, POLITICS, AND PUBLIC OPINION Censorship and press liberty in the Sister Republics. Some reflections - Simon Burrows 1798: A turning point? Censorship in the Batavian Republic - Erik Jacobs Censorship and public opinion. Press and politics in the Helvetic Republic (1798-1803) - Andreas Würgler Liberty of press and censorship in the f.irst Cisalpine Republic - Katia Visconti 5. THE SISTER REPUBLICS AND FRANCE Small nation, big sisters - Pierre Serna The national dimension in the Batavian Revolution. Political discussions, institutions, and constitutions - Annie Jourdan The constitutional debate in the Helvetic Republic in 1800-1801. Between French influence and national self-government - Antoine Broussy An unwelcome Sister Republic. Re-reading political relations between the Cisalpine Republic and the French Directory - Antonino De Francesco Bibliography List of Contributors Notes Index

The Political Culture of the Sister Republics, 1794-1806

France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Italy

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Leading historians of the French, Batavian, Helvetic, Cisalpine and Neapolitan revolutions bridge the gap between the historiographies of the so-called 'Sister' Republics. They explore political culture as a set of discourses or political practices. Parliamentary practices, the comparability of 'universal' political concepts, late-eighteenth century Republicanism, the relationship between press and politics, and the interaction between the Sister Republics and France are studied from a comparative, transnational perspective.

Joris Oddens

Dr. Joris Oddens is a researcher at the University of Amsterdam.

Mart Rutjes

Dr Mart Rutjes is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Amsterdam.

Erik Jacobs

Dr Erik Jacobs is a researcher at the University of Amsterdam.