Technology and Film Scholarship
Technology and Film Scholarship
Experience, Study, Theory
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Film Studies
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Foreword André Gaudreault Introduction The Discursive Spaces Between a History of Film Technology and Technological Experience Santiago Hidalgo SECTION I: EXPERIENCE Chapter 1 When Did Cinema Become Cinema?: Technology, History, and the Moving Pictures Charles Musser Chapter 2 Exhibition Practices in Transition: Spectators, Audiences, and Projectors Jan Olsson Chapter 3 Reel Changes: Post-mortem Cinephilia or the Resistance of Melancholia André Habib Chapter 4 Walter Benjamin’s Play Room: Where the Future So Eloquently Nests Or: What is Cinema Again? Dana Cooley SECTION II: STUDY Chapter 5 Hitchcock, Film Studies, and New Media: The Impact of Technology on the Analysis of Film David Colangelo Chapter 6 Film Analysis and Statistics: A Field Report Charles O’Brien Chapter 7 A ‘Distant Reading’ of the ‘Chaser Theory’: Local Views and the Digital Generation of New Cinema History Paul Moore SECTION III: THEORY Chapter 8 Graphism: A New Approach to the Evolution of Film Language Through Technology Tom Gunning Chapter 9 Can We Have the Cave and Leave It Too? On the Meaning of Cinema as Technology Vinzenz Hediger Chapter 10 On Viewfinders, Video Assist Systems, and Tape Splicers: Questioning the History of Techniques and Technology in Cinema Benoît Turquety
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Santiago Hidalgo (red.)

Technology and Film Scholarship

Experience, Study, Theory

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This volume brings together a wide range of research on the ways in which technological innovations have established new and changing conditions for the experience, study and theorization of film. Drawn from the IMPACT film conference (The Impact of Technological Innovations on the Historiography and Theory of Cinema) held in Montreal in 2011, the book includes contributions from such leading figures in the field as Tom Gunning, Charles Musser, Jan Olsson and Vinzenz Hediger.

Santiago Hidalgo

Santiago Hidalgo is Director of the [Laboratoire CinéMédias]( and [Affiliate Professor]( at Université de Montréal. He is a member of the [TECHNÊS]( *International Research Partnership on Cinema Technology* scientific committee and editor of the [Cinema and Technology]( series at Amsterdam University Press. He is co-editor of *The Blackwell Companion to Early Cinema* (Wiley, 2011).