German Historians and the Bombing of German Cities
German Historians and the Bombing of German Cities
The Contested Air War
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Introduction Chapter 1 Putting the Allies on trial Historical accounts of the Allied air war in the early Federal Republic, 1945-1970 Chapter 2 Dresden and the Cold War: East-West Debates on the Bombing of Dresden, 1945-1970 Chapter 3 A Past becomes History The professionalizing of military historiography of the air war in the Federal Republic since the 1970s Chapter 4 "Imperialist Air War" East German historiography and the work of Olaf Groehler, 1965-1995 Chapter 5 Breaking Taboos : Jörg Friedrich and the "Rediscovery" of the Allied Bombings in the United Germany Conclusion: The Allied bombings as a German catastrophe Abbreviations Bibliography

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"Benda Beckmann’s ability to compile, synthesize, and summarize disparate histories is admirable; the book functions as an excellent survey of the way German views on the air war changed over time." S. Anderson, Choice Connect

"Benda-Beckmann’s study presents a detailed, focused assessment of German interpretations of Der Bombenkrieg. His discussion of the debates among and between West German historians such as Horst Boog, Manfred Messerchmitt, and Klaus Maier and East German historian Olaf Groener is superb." - Douglas Carl Peifer, Journal of Military History

Bas Von Benda-Beckmann

German Historians and the Bombing of German Cities

The Contested Air War

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Today, strategic aerial bombardments of urban areas that harm civilians, at times intentionally, are becoming increasingly common in global conflicts. This book reveals the history of these tactics as employed by nations that initiated aerial bombardments of civilians after World War I and during World War II. As one of the major symbols of German suffering, the Allied bombing left a strong imprint on German society. Bas von Benda-Beckmann explores how German historical accounts reflected debates on postwar identity and looks at whether the history of the air war forms a counternarrative against the idea of German collective guilt. Provocative and unflinching, this study offers a valuable contribution to German historiography.

Bas Von Benda-Beckmann

Bas von Benda-Beckmann is affiliated with the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies in Amsterdam.