Productive Fandom
Productive Fandom
Intermediality and Affective Reception in Fan Cultures
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TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Shared Narratives: Intermediality in Fandom Introduction Fan Studies Productivity and Affectivity Historical Perspectives Intermediality Transmedia Design Conceptualizing Productive Fandom Outline Elf Fantasy Fair 2010: Spotting Fans 2. Fan Membership: Traditional and Digital Field Work Introduction Methods of Audience Studies Insider Ethnography ŸAca-FanŒ and ŸGeek FeministŒ Online Ethnography Ethical Guidelines Conclusion F.A.C.T.S. 2010: Treasure Hunt 3. Naturalizing Sherlock Dutch Fans interpret the Famous Detective Introduction Sherlock Reader-Response Criticism Naturalization Experientiality Dutch Sherlock Fans Online Sherlock Fandom Cultural Repertoires British detectives Modernity References and Characterization Conclusion FedCon 2011: Meeting the Media Stars 4. Queer Teen Drama Rewriting and Narrative Closure in Glee Fan Fiction Introduction Glee Narrative Closure Literary Analysis and Method Pick Up Right Where We Left Queer Bully The Lost Nightingale Darkening Glee Mostverse Growing Up Conclusion Otakon 2011: The Intimacy of Strangers 5. Transmedia Play: Approaching the Possible Worlds of Firefly Virtual Encounters Firefly Transmedial Worlds Game Worlds Role-Playing Online Firefly Role-Playing Serenity Table-Top The Many Suitors of Lady Arden Medium-Specificity of Serenity Boarding New Carolina Design of the Fan Game Mediation and Embodiment of Firefly Conclusion WCS & Comic Markets 2012: Pilgrimage to Japan 6. Embodied Characters: The Affective Process of Cosplay Introduction Ludology of Cosplay The Affective Process Grounding Identity and Gender The Felt and Fashioned Body Engaging with Media Texts Becoming the Character Crafting and Preserving the Outfit Conclusion 7. Conclusion: Prospects for Fan Studies Challenges of an Emerging Field Ethnographic Approaches Core Concepts and Findings Fan Identity Future of Fandom Bibliography of Fan Works Bibliography

Nicolle Lamerichs

Productive Fandom

Intermediality and Affective Reception in Fan Cultures

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To dismantle negative stereotypes of fans, this book offers a media ethnography of the digital culture, conventions, and urban spaces associated with fandoms, arguing that fandom is an area of productive, creative, and subversive value. By examining the fandoms of Sherlock, Glee, Firefly, and other popular television-based franchises, the author appeals to fans and scholars alike in her empirically grounded methodology and insightful analysis of production hierarchies, gender, sexuality, play, and affect.

Nicolle Lamerichs

Nicolle Lamerichs is Hogeschoolhoofddocent in Creative Business aan Hogeschool Utrecht. Ze is gespecialiseerd in mediacultuur en fan studies en onderzoeker op het gebied van media en fanculturen. Eerder schreef ze Produc- tive Fandom: Intermediality and Affective Reception in Fan Cultures.