Linguistic and Cultural Foreign Policies of European States
Linguistic and Cultural Foreign Policies of European States
18th-20th Centuries
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Introduction Pascale Rabault-Feuerhahn 1. External linguistic politics and policies in the German-Speaking countries of Central Europe in early modern times and in the nineteenth century - with some references to the present age Konrad Schröder 2. German global soft power, 1700-1920 Nicola McLelland 3. French as a polemical language for Russian writers in the age of Nicholas I Derek Offord 4. The external cultural and linguistic policy of the Italian government in the Mediterranean region and the issue of the National Association for Aid to Missionaries (1886-1905) Paolo Pieraccini 5. Expansion du français et des manières françaises en Europe aux dix-septième et dix-huitième siècles : résultat d'une politique royale extérieure ou effet d'un certain prestige ? Henri Besse 6. Literary translation as a foreign language policy tool. The case of Russia, mid-eighteenth - early nineteenth centuries Vladislav Rjéoutski 7. L'usage diplomatique de la langue française, instrument de la puissance Lucien Bély 8. The political implications of the idea of 'génie de la langue' in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries Gilles Siouffi

Karène Sanchez-Summerer, Willem Frijhoff (red.)

Linguistic and Cultural Foreign Policies of European States

18th-20th Centuries

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The policies relating to language pursued by European monarchies and states have been widely studied, but far less attention has been given to their linguistic and cultural policies in territories outside their own borders. This volume takes an interdisciplinary approach to filling that gap, distinguishing and analysing several different types of linguistic and foreign cultural policies. Such policies, the contributors show, tended not to be proclaimed officially, but they nonetheless had lasting effects on both language and culture in Europe and beyond.

Karène Sanchez-Summerer

Karène Sanchez Summerer is Professor of Middle Eastern studies at Groningen University. She is the PI of the VIDI research project CrossRoads. European cultural diplomacy and Arab Christians in Palestine: A connected history (1920–1950), The Netherlands National Research Agency (2017–22).

Willem Frijhoff

Willem Frijhoff is Emeritus Professor of Modern History at VU University, Amsterdam, and is now G.Ph. Verhagen Professor of Cultural History at Erasmus University, Rotterdam. His scholarly work focuses on cultural, linguistic and religious identities in early modern France, the Netherlands and North America.