From Media Hype to Twitter Storm
From Media Hype to Twitter Storm
News Explosions and Their Impact on Issues, Crises and Public Opinion
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Media Studies
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Preface - Hans Mathias Kepplinger Introduction - Peter Vasterman Acknowledgments I. Theory, concepts and methodology 1. Media hypes, moral panics and the ambiguous nature of facts. Urban security as discursive formation Marcello Maneri 2. News waves in a changing media landscape 1950-2014 Wouter van Atteveldt, Nel Ruigrok, Kasper Welbers, and Carina Jacobi 3. The dynamics of media attention to issues: toward standardizing measures, dimensions, and profiles Stefan Geiß 4. Hype, argumentation and scientific dissemination Adam Auch II. Anatomy of self-reinforcing dynamics: case studies 5. The mechanisms of media storms Anne Hardy 6. Much ado about nothing - five media hypes in a comparative perspective Charlotte Wien 7. From media wave to media tsunami. The ‘Charter of Values’ debate in Quebec, 2012-2014 Thierry Giasson, Marie-Michèle Sauvageau and Colette Brin 8. How a small-scale panic turns into an unstoppable news wave about mass mugging on the beach. Gonçalo Pereira Rosa III. Impact on issues, crises and public opinion 9. Dynamics of media hype: interactivity of the media and the public Ik Jae Chung 10. Why and how media storms affect front-line workers. Scandalized Danish cre`ches as an example Pernille Carlsson and Christian Elmelund-Præstekær 11. Media hypes and public opinion. Human interest frames and hype fatigue. Audun Beyer, Tine Ustad Figenschou 12. News waves generating attentionscapes — opportunity or a waste of time for the public? Marianne Paimre and Halliki Harro-Loit IV. Interactivity: the role of the social media 13. Modeling issue-attention dynamics in a hybrid media system Annie Waldherr 14. You won’t believe how co-dependent they are, or: media hype and the interaction of news media, social media and the user Vivian Roese 15. From racial hoaxes to media hypes. Fake news’ real consequences. Andrea Cerase and Claudia Santoro 16. Reputational damage in Twitter #hijack: factors, dynamics and response strategies for crowdsourced campaigns Augustine Pang, Jeremiah Icanh Lim Limsico, Lishan Phong, Bernadette Joy Lopez Lareza, and Sim Yee Low Information about the Authors Index List of figures and tables

Peter Vasterman (red.)

From Media Hype to Twitter Storm

News Explosions and Their Impact on Issues, Crises and Public Opinion

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The word media hype is often used as rhetorical argument to dismiss waves of media attention as overblown, disproportional and exaggerated. But these explosive news waves, as well as - nowadays - the twitter storms, are object of scientific research, because they are an important phenomenon in the public area. Sometimes it is indeed 'much ado about nothing' but in many cases these media storms have play an important role in political issues, scandals and crises. Twitter storms sometimes ruin reputations within hours. Although different concepts are used, such as media hypes, news waves, media storms, information cascades or risk amplification, all the studies in this book refer to the same process in which key events trigger a chain of reactions and interactions, building up huge news waves in the media or rapidly spreading social epidemics in the social media. This book offers the first comprehensive overview of this important topic. It is not only interesting for scholars and students in media and journalism, but also for professionals in PR and communication, crisis communication and reputation management.

Peter Vasterman

Dr. Peter L.M. Vasterman (1951) is media sociologist and assistant professor emeritus Media and Journalism at the Department of Media Studies of the University of Amsterdam.