Heritage and Tourism
Heritage and Tourism
Places, Imageries and the Digital Age
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Contents Foreword- Frank Go List of contributors List of figures and tables 1. Tourism and Heritage Crafting experience through innovation Linde Egberts and Maria D. Alvarez 2. Tourism Conflicts and Conflict Tourism Experiencing heritage and identity in Europe’s age of crisis Rob van der Laarse 3. Heritage Landscapes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Huong T. Bui, Kaori Yoshida and Timothy Lee 4. Revealing and Presenting the Past(s) for the Public Fethiye Mosque and Museum as a cultural heritage site in Istanbul Mariëtte Verhoeven 5. Who Takes the Lead in Initiating Cooperation in a Cultural Network and Why? The case of a Rural Finnish Destination Arja Lemmetyinen, Lenita Nieminen and Johanna Aalto 6. Sustainability of Heritage Tourism Destinations A demand-based perspective on Cusco, Peru Begüm Aydin and Maria D. Alvarez 7. Localizing National Tourism websites The case of World Heritage Sites Emanuele Mele, Silvia De Ascaniis and Lorenzo Cantoni 8. Enhancing the Tourist Heritage Experience through ‘In — Situ’, Customisable, 3D Printed Souvenirs Constantia Anastasiadou, Samantha Vettese Forster and Lynsey Calder 9. Tracking the Heritage Tourist Heritage tourism and visiting patterns in a historic city Karim van Knippenberg and Linde Egberts 10. The Construction of a Tourist-Historic Icon The case of the Palace of Westminster, London Linde Egberts and Renée Melgers 11. Conclusion Linde Egberts and Maria D. Alvarez

Linde Egberts, Maria Alvarez (red.)

Heritage and Tourism

Places, Imageries and the Digital Age

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Heritage and tourism mutually reinforce each other, with the presentation of heritage at physical sites mirrored by the ways heritage is presented on the internet. This interdisciplinary book uses humanities and social sciences to analyse the ways that heritage is branded and commodified, how stakeholders organise place brands, and how digital strategies shape how visitors appreciate heritage sites. The book covers a wide geographic diversity, offering the reader the chance to find cross-cutting themes and area-specific features of the field.

Linde Egberts

Linde Egberts is cultural historian and geographer, specialized in the role of heritage in regional identities in contemporary Europe. She works as a lecturer and postdoctoral researcher Heritage Studies at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and as a coordinator of the Research Group Heritage & Environment of the Centre for Global Heritage and Development.

Maria Alvarez

Maria Alvarez is a Professor of Tourism Marketing at Bo?aziçi University in Istanbul, Turkey. She has published widely in leading academic journals on the topics of destination marketing and tourist behavior. She has also been involved in several internationally-financed destination development projects.