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Women on the Edge in Early Modern Europe
Women on the Edge in Early Modern Europe
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"Women on the Edge in Early Modern Europe ... challenges readers to focus their attention on women who occupy material and ideological spaces defined as 'the edge' ... Spanning two and a half centuries (ca. 1457-ca. 1701), this collection attends to women who have been little studied or who have been studied primarily for one, narrow '(in)famous event' (17). Such critical approaches that intentionally look away from the 'center' of early modern European cultures ... are an energizing way to recover and analyze early modern women's intersectional experiences. ... Undeniably wide-reaching, this collection ... will be of interest and particular use to interdisciplinary early modern scholars of gender, European history, politics, the English Interregnum, monarchy, and literature." - Elisa Oh, Howard University, Early Modern Women 14.2 (Spring 2020)

Lisa Hopkins, Aidan Norrie (red.)

Women on the Edge in Early Modern Europe

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Women on the Edge in Early Modern Europe examines the lives of women whose gender impeded the exercise of their personal, political, and religious agency, with an emphasis on the conflict that occurred when they crossed the edges society placed on their gender. Many of the women featured in this collection have only been afforded cursory scholarly focus, or the focus has been isolated to a specific, (in)famous event. This collection redresses this imbalance by providing comprehensive discussions of the women’s lives, placing the matter that makes them known to history within the context of their entire life. Focusing on women from different backgrounds -- such as Marie Meurdrac, the French chemist; Anna Trapnel, the Fifth Monarchist and prophetess; and Cecilia of Sweden, princess, margravine, countess, and regent -- this collection brings together a wide range of scholars from a variety of disciplines to bring attention to these previously overlooked women.
€ 99,00
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Lisa Hopkins

Lisa Hopkins is Professor of English at Sheffield Hallam University and co-editor of Shakespeare, the journal of the British Shakespeare Association, of the Arden Early Modern Drama Guides, and of Arden Studies in Early Modern Drama.

Aidan Norrie

Aidan Norrie is a historian of monarchy, and is a Chancellor's International Scholar in the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance at The University of Warwick. He is the editor, with Marina Gerzic, of From Medievalism to Early-Modernism: Adapting the English Past (Routledge); and, with Mark Houlahan, of On the Edge of Early Modern English Drama (MIP University Press).