Making Media
Making Media
Production, Practices, and Professions
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Media Studies
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Introduction 1. Making Media: Production, Practices, and Professions Mark Deuze and Mirjam Prenger Production Research 2. Media Industries: A Decade in Review Jennifer Holt and Alisa Perren 3. Media Production Research and the Challenge of Normativity David Lee and Anna Zoellner 4. Access and Mistrust in Media Industries Research Patrick Vonderau 5. Cultural and Creative Industries and the Political Economy of Communication Bernard Miège 6. The Platformization of Making Media David Nieborg and Thomas Poell Economics and management 7. The Disappearing Product and the New Intermediaries Chris Bilton 8. Value Production in Media Industries and Everyday Life Göran Bolin 9. Transformation and Innovation of Media Business Models Mikko Villi and Robert Picard 10. Shifts in Consumer Engagement and Media Business Models Sylvia Chan-Olmsted and Rang Wang 11. Media Industries' Management Characteristics and Challenges in a Converging Digital World Paolo Faustino and Eli Noam Policy 12. Global Media Industries and Media Policy Terry Flew and Nicolas Suzor 13. Media Concentration in the Age of the Internet and Mobile Phones Dwayne Winseck Practices Innovation 14. Making (Sense of) Media Innovations Arne H. Krumsvik, Stefania Milan, Niamh Ní Bhroin and Tanja Storsul 15. Startup Ecosystems Between Affordance Networks, Symbolic Form, and Cultural Practice Stefan Werning Work conditions 16. Precarity in Media Work Penny O'Donnell and Lawrie Zion 17. Making It in a Freelance World Nicole S. Cohen 18. Diversity and Opportunity in the Media Industries Doris R. Eikhof and Stevie L. Marsden 19. Labour and the Next Internet Vincent Mosco Affective labour 20. Affective Labour and Media Work Eugenia Siapera 21. Affective Qualities of Creative Labour Zelmarie Cantillon and Sarah Baker 22. A Business of One or Nurturing the Craft: Who are You? Ilana Gershon and Mark Deuze Professions Music 23. Music in Times of Streaming: Transformation and Debate Sofia Johansson 24. Popular Music, Streaming, and Promotional Media: Enduring and Emerging Industrial Logics Leslie M. Meier Television 25. Show Me the Money: How Revenue Strategies Change the Creative Possibilities of Internet-Distributed Television Amanda D. Lotz 26. Flexibility, Innovation, and Precarity in the Television Industry Paul Dwyer Social media 27. Creator Management in the Social Media Entertainment Industry David Craig 28. #Dreamjob: The Promises and Perils of a Creative Career in Social Media Brooke Erin Duffy Public relations and advertising 29. Redefining Advertising in a Changing Media Landscape Sara Rosengren 30. Perceptions and Realities of the Integration of Advertising and Public Relations Dustin Supa Digital games 31. Game Production Logics at Work: Convergence and Divergence Aphra Kerr 32. Reflections on the Shifts and Swerves of the Global Games Industry Casey O'Donnell Journalism 33. 'It Never Stops': The Implicit Norm of Working Long Hours in Entrepreneurial Journalism Amanda Brouwers and Tamara Witschge 34. Transmedia Production: Key Steps in Creating a Storyworld Ana Serrano Tellería Conclusion 35. Making Media: Observations and Futures Henry Jenkins, Elizabeth Saad Corr?a, Anthony Fung, and Tanja Bosch

Recensies en Artikelen

"In a media world that — by its nature — revolves around fast-paced change, this book supplies perspectives to those seeking breadth and depth of occupational opportunities. Simultaneously, it also shows the volatility and complexity of an industry in constant flux."
Martin J. Riedl, University of Texas at Austin, in International Journal on Media Management, 2019

"An excellent collection with stellar cast of expert contributors. Three things make this a stand-out: its accessibility, its comprehensiveness, and the fact that it is bang up to date. It will be going straight on my reading list for media and creative industries students."
Rosalind Gill, co-author of Gender and Creative Labour (2015) and co-editor of Theorizing Cultural Work (2013), Professor of Cultural and Social Analysis at City University of London, UK

"The media industry is changing profoundly, and scholarship needs to evolve in step. This book provides reflective and comprehensive analysis of how social, economic and above all technological forces are transforming the media industry, what this means for the professionals working in it. An invaluable injection of critical analysis in an era where the pace of change is leaving many familiar concepts and constructs outdated."
Lucy Küng, author of Going Digital (2017) and Strategic Management in the Media (2016), Google Digital News Senior Research Fellow, Reuters Institute, Oxford University and Professor of Media Innovation at the University of Oslo

"This deftly edited collection provides a comprehensive look at how production, practices, and professions in the media have changed under the sway of the powerful information and communication technology sector. The lively and engaging essays will appeal to folks working in the biz as well as to students thinking about a career in the media. This is an exemplary collection of new and original work on the state of the media industries, what it takes to become a media maker, and what it takes out of you."
Richard Maxwell, editor of The Routledge Companion to Labor and Media (2015), Professor and Chair of Media Studies at Queens College, City University of New York

"The explosion of production studies in the last decade are finally wrangled into a coherent course of study. Making Media enables students to see media industries from a variety of scales, allowing both comparative analysis and roads for in-depth case study research. Looking for a career in the media industries cannot escape critical reflection if students have this well-organized collection at hand."
Vicki Mayer, author of Below the Line (2011) and Almost Hollywood, Nearly New Orleans (2017), Louise Riggio and Carnegie Professor of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Tulane University

"The media environment is complex and ever-changing, giving rise to new forms and industries, and reconfiguring older ones. It is more important than ever for scholars and students of media to keep pace with how, where and by whom media gets made; and how what counts as both 'media' and 'production' are changing. Richly populated with insights from a high quality, international group of established experts and rising stars, this book is an excellent field guide to contemporary and emerging media production studies."
Jean Burgess, co-author of YouTube: Online Video and Participatory Culture (2018), Professor of Digital Media Studies and Director of the Digital Media Research Centre at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia

Mark Deuze, Mirjam Prenger (red.)

Making Media

Production, Practices, and Professions

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'Making Media' uncovers what it means and what it takes to make media, focusing on the lived experience of media professionals within the global media, including rich case studies of the main media industries and professions: television, journalism, social media entertainment, advertising and public relations, digital games, and music. This carefully edited volume features 35 authoritative essays by 53 researchers from 14 countries across 6 continents, all of whom are at the cutting edge of media production studies.

The book is particularly designed for use in coursework on media production, media work, media management, and media industries.

Specific topics highlighted:
the history of media industries and production studies; production studies as a field and a research method; changing business models, economics, and management; global concentration and convergence of media industries and professions; the rise and role of startups and entrepreneurship; freelancing in the digital age; the role of creativity and innovation; the emotional quality of media work; diversity and inequality in the media industries.

Open Uva Course
The University of Amsterdam has a open course around the book. The course offers a review of the key readings and debates in media production studies.

Mark Deuze

Mark Deuze is sinds 2013 hoogleraar Mediastudies aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam. Daarvoor werkte hij voor het Department of Telecommunications van Indiana University en de University of Southern California in de Verenigde Staten.

Mirjam Prenger

Mirjam Prenger is universitair docent, media-onderzoeker en coördinator van de masteropleiding Journalistiek en Media van de UvA. Mirjam onderzoekt journalistieke innovatie en ondernemerschap, en tevens de relatie tussen pr & voorlichting en journalistiek. Twitter: @mirjamprenger.

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