Global Chinese Histories, 250-1650
A depiction of the Avadana story of the Five Hundred Robbers showing soldiers wearing medieval Chinese armour, from Mogao Cave 285, Dunhuang, Gansu, China. Dated between 535 and 557 (Western Wei Dynasty).
[Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons.
Series editors

Hilde De Weerdt, Professor of Chinese and Early Modern Global History, KU Leuven, Belgium

Geographical Scope
Chronological Scope
From the early medieval period through the Ming dynasty
Editorial Board

Ruth Mostern, University of California, Merced
Sarah Schneewind, University of California, San Diego
Naomi Standen, University of Birmingham, UK
Ping Yao, California State University, Los Angeles
Ya Zuo, University of California, Santa Barbara

Asia, China, History, Humanities, Social Science

Global Chinese Histories, 250-1650

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Global Chinese Histories, 250-1650 focuses on new research that locates Chinese histories within their wider regional contexts including cross-border and/or comparative perspectives. We are interested in manuscripts in a broad range of fields including humanities and social-science based approaches to politics and society, art and architecture, literature and intellectual developments, gender and family, religious text and practice, landscape and environment, war and peace, trade and exchange, and urban and rural life. We encourage innovative approaches and welcome work all along the theoretical-evidential spectrum. Our interest also extends to books that analyze historical changes to the meaning and geography of sovereignty in the Chinese territories, the complexity of interchange on the cultural and political peripheries in Chinese history, and the ways in which Chinese polities have historically been situated in a wider Afro-Eurasian world.

The editorial board of Global Chinese Histories 250–1650 welcomes submission of manuscripts on Chinese history in the 1400 years from the early medieval period through the Ming dynasty. We invite scholars at any stage of their careers to share their book proposals and draft manuscripts with us.

Contracted for this series

  • Maddalena Barenghi, Mercenaries, Military Patrons, and State Founders on the Fringes of the Empire
  • Weicong Duan, The Politics of Gunpowder in Ming China
  • James Fujitani, Early Sino-European Relations from a Global Perspective
  • Qingfeng Nie, Ordering the Urban Space in Luoyang, 600–1000 CE