Urban Traditions and Historic Environments in Sindh
Urban Traditions and Historic Environments in Sindh
A Fading Legacy of Shikarpoor, Historic City
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1. Shikarpoor Historic Town: Introduction, Background, and Developments 2. The Character of Shikarpoor's Historic Fabric 3. The Dominant Building Types: Residential, Commercial, Religious, and Other Public Buildings 4. Characteristic Architectural Features of Historic Buildings 5. Typological Classification and Grouping 6. The State of Conservation and Related Issues 7. Potentials and Prospects: Urban Revival - The Way Ahead Bibliography

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"[This book's] usefulness comes from the comprehensive discussion of the place’s historical and architectural significance, detailed inventory of the place, types of threats, and the policy and actions recommended for heritage management. The volume thus provides a valuable exemplar for similar historic towns elsewhere." - Kapila D. Silva, New Books Asia. Read the full review here.

"Naeem has developed a rich and categorically clear database which can be employed as a template for extensive secondary analysis and as a base for exploring further avenues of historical and heritage research. Her book signifies an academically substantiated and thematically consistent attempt at contextually grounded knowledge generation, which is the objective of any scientific enquiry." - 'Crumbling Heritage', review by Adam Abdullah in Dawn. Read the full review here.

Anila Naeem

Urban Traditions and Historic Environments in Sindh

A Fading Legacy of Shikarpoor, Historic City

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Shikarpoor Historic City, in Sindh, Pakistan, has a rich historical heritage: as a central point on caravan trade routes, it served as the gateway to Afghanistan and Central Asia. In recognition of that history, in 1998 the government of Sindh named it a protected heritage site-but that status hasn't prevented the ongoing destruction of the city's historic fabric. This book tells the story of Shikarpoor and presents as complete a picture of its threatened historical fabric as possible, through copious maps and images past and present.

Anila Naeem

Dr. Anila Naeem is a Professor and Co-chairperson at the Department of Architecture and Planning, N.E.D. University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan. Having graduate degrees in architecture (DCET, Karachi) and heritage conservation (METU, Ankara), she pursued doctorate in UK (OBU, Oxford) researching on historic urban centers. She has served in various executive and technical committee positions, including ICOMOS Pakistan and Heritage Advisory Committee (Sindh). Her most recent publications include a monograph 'Shikarpoor: Historic City, Sindh, Pakistan - Inventory and Mapping of Heritage Properties, Volume 1& II' (Endowment Fund Trust for Preservation of the Heritage of Sindh, 2013) and book chapter 'The Conflict of Ideologies and Ambiguities in Conservation Policy: A Legacy of Shared Built Heritage in Pakistan' in Asian Heritage Management: Contexts, Concerns and Prospects" eds. Silva, K. & Chapagain, N. K., (Routledge, 2013).