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Women Artists and Patrons in the Netherlands, 1500-1700
Women Artists and Patrons in the Netherlands, 1500-1700
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"A timely intervention for the field of Netherlandish art at large. Not only does it offer a useful selection of case studies, the book issues a provocative call for greater scholarly self-reflection on the systems that continue to erase, downplay, or omit women’s names, tastes, artistry, and labor. [...] This is a vital and highly recommended volume that hopefully heralds new directions to come."
- Elisabeth Berry Drago, Historians of Netherlandish Art, March 2021

Elizabeth Sutton (red.)

Women Artists and Patrons in the Netherlands, 1500-1700

De onderstaande tekst is niet beschikbaar in het Nederlands en wordt in het Engels weergegeven.
This essay collection features innovative scholarship on women artists and patrons in the Netherlands 1500-1700. Covering painting, printmaking, and patronage, authors highlight the contributions of women art makers in the Netherlands, showing that women were prominent as creators in their own time and deserve to be recognized as such today.
€ 99,00
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Elizabeth Sutton

Elizabeth Sutton is Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Northern Iowa. She has published Art, Animals, and Experience: Relationships to Canines and the Natural World (Routledge, 2017), Capitalism and Cartography in the Dutch Golden Age (University of Chicago Press, 2015) and Early Modern Dutch Prints of Africa (Ashgate, 2012). Her current research interests include feminist historiography and mapping place and migration with art history.