Reassessing Epistemic Images in the Early Modern World
Reassessing Epistemic Images in the Early Modern World
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Table of Contents
1. Prologue
For a Metaphorology of Engraving: from Epistemic Images to an Imaged Epistemology (Ralph Dekoninck)
2. Introduction
Pittura filosofica: Ink on Paper, Bitumen on Iron, and the Discursive Field of Early Modern Epistemic Images (Ruth Sargent Noyes)
Part 1: Approaches to print matrices
3. The Well-Ordered Print Shop: Sequencing the Woodblocks in the 1543 and 1555 Editions of De humani corporis Fabrica Daniel Margocsy, Mark Somos, and Stephen Joffe
4. Meticulous Matrices: Building a Chronology of Albrecht Dürer’s MeistersticheImpressions through the Analysis and Documentation of Microscopic Scratches in his Engraved Plates (Angela Campbell)
5. Digital resuscitation of the Officina Plantiniana’s woodblock collection: goals, approaches and new technologies (Jolien Van den Bossche)
Part 2: Imprints as instruments
6. The Art of Learning: The Role of Prints in Early Modern Education in the Southern Netherlands (Gwendoline de Mûelenaere)
7. ‘Ideas in brass’. Imagery on Early Modern Scientific Instruments: Types and Messages (Julia Ellinghaus and Volker Remmert)
8. Visual Tools and Searchable Science in Early Modern Books ( Britta-Juliane Kruse and Stephanie Leitch)
Part 3: Imprint, knowledge and affect
9. The hydraulics of Jacobus Meilingius’s Figurata Meditatio Microcosmi (1629) (Anneke de Bont)
10. Images of the Eye from Vesalius to Fabricius ab Aquapendente: The Rise of Metrical Representation in Anatomical Diagrams and the Cross-Fertilization of Visual Traditions (Tawrin Baker)
11. Illustrating the Vernacular Body: Juan Valverde de Amusco and the Art of Embodied Anatomy (Emily Monty)
12. Epilogue
Forgetting How to See (Stephanie Porras)

Ruth Noyes (red.)

Reassessing Epistemic Images in the Early Modern World

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This edited collection of papers explores from an interdisciplinary perspective the role of images and objects in early modern knowledge-making practices with an emphasis on mapping methodological approaches against printed pictures and things. The volume brings together work across diverse printed images, objects, and materials produced c. 1500-1700, as well as well as works in the ambit of early modern print culture, to reframe a comparative history of the rise of the ‘epistemic imprint’ as a new visual genre at the onset of the scientific revolution. The book includes contributions from the perspective of international scholars and museum professionals drawing on methodologies from a range of fields.

Ruth Noyes

Ruth Sargent Noyes is Marie Sklodowska-Curie EU Senior Research Fellow in Art History at the National Museum of Denmark. Author of a number of books and articles, she is a 2014 Fellow of the American Academy in Rome and recipient of a number of research grants and awards.