Warfare and Politics
Warfare and Politics
Cities and Government in Renaissance Tuscany and Venice
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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS EDITORIAL INTRODUCTION I PROLOGUE The historiography of the Renaisssance State Humfrey C. Butters II WARFARE: POLITICS AND BATTLES, FIGHTERS AND CIVILIANS, NARRATION AND ANALYSIS War and Beatitude: the case of the fall of Venetian Negroponte to the Turks (1470) Reinhold C. Mueller Patriots and Partisans: Venetian loyalists in the Terraferma and military support for the Republic in the war of the League of Cambrai (1509-17) Simon Pepper Depicting the Venetian Terraferma in wartime for a popular audience: popolano woodcuts inspired by the Cambrai War (1509-17) Krystina Stermole The figure of Fabrizio Colonna in Machiavelli's Arte della Guerra John Najemy Clash of Dukes: Cosimo I de' Medici, William of Cleves and the 'guerra di Dura' of 1543 Maurizio Arfaioli III POLITICAL LANGUAGE AND CAREERS, URBAN IDENTITY AND TRANSFORMATION, THE PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT Forms of political propaganda in late-medieval Florence Fabrizio Ricciardelli Venetian Gothic: a symbol of national identity? Richard Goy Sanudo's writings on Brescia: why the Terraferma matters Gabriele Neher Bodies Politic: the environment, public health and the state in early modern Venice Jane Stevens Crawshaw Libertà and 'protection' during the Italian Wars Christine Shaw Odious comparisons: Cosimo I, the Duke of Athens and Florence Suzanne B.Butters IV EPILOGUE Renaissance cities through Ruskinian eyes: an English architect in Italy in 1902 Stella Fletcher V MICHAEL E. MALLETT BIBLIOGRAPHY Humfrey C. Butters and Suzanne B. Butters INDEX

Humfrey Butters, Gabriele Neher (red.)

Warfare and Politics

Cities and Government in Renaissance Tuscany and Venice

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Warfare and Politics: Cities and Government in Renaissance Tuscany and Venice brings together a group of prominent contributors to consider the topics of government and warfare in Tuscany and Venice in the Renaissance. The essays cover a remarkably broad geographical and topical range as they analyse the economic, military, political, and diplomatic history of Florence, Rome, Venice, and the Italian peninsula in general through the Renaissance and early modern period.
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Humfrey Butters

Dr Humfrey Butters (1946-2019) was Emeritus Reader in History at the University of Warwick.

Gabriele Neher

Dr Gaby Neher is Associate Professor in Art History at the University of Nottingham.