Navigating Borders
Navigating Borders
Inside Perspectives on the Process of Human Smuggling into the Netherlands
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Table of contents - 6 Acknowledgements - 10 Introduction - 12 The Janus face of globalisation - 20 New intermediate structures in response torestrictive admission policies - 38 Conducting research among smuggledmigrants: an inside perspective - 54 Structural conditions and individual choices - 74 Crossing the border in various irregular ways - 96 Different types of smuggling and internaldynamics - 124 Impact of smuggling and legal limits tointegration - 144 Conclusion - 166 Summary - 206

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“This work presents something new - a study of considerable academic and public interest, providing original qualitative research, a critique of the basic assumptions on human smuggling and interviews offering fascinating new empirical evidence. Ilse van Liempt makes a distinct contribution to the literature.” Professor Stephen Castles, Co-Director and Senior Researcher International Migration Institute, University of Oxford

I. van Liempt

Navigating Borders

Inside Perspectives on the Process of Human Smuggling into the Netherlands

Navigating Borders into the Netherlands provides a unique in-depth look at human smuggling processes. Based on biographical interviews with smuggled migrants in the Netherlands, the study reveals considerable differences that exist in smuggling’s underlying causes, how journeys evolve, and outcomes of the process. This research from an insider’s perspective clearly demonstrates that smuggled migrants are not passive actors, there is a broad variety in types of smugglers, and interactions between migrants and smugglers largely determine how the smuggling process evolves.