Syntax of Dutch
Syntax of Dutch
Coordination and Ellipsis
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Abbreviations and symbols Preface and acknowledgments 1. General introduction 2. Main objective 3. Intended readership 4. Object of description 5. Organization of the material 6. History of the project and future prospects 7. Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter 1 Coordination Introduction 1.1. General properties 1.2. Monosyndetic, polysyndetic and asyndetic coordination 1.3. Coordinands 1.4. Coordinators Chapter 2 Ellipsis in coordinate structures Introduction 2.1. Conjunction Reduction 2.2. Gapping 2.3. Combining conjunction reduction and gapping 2.4. Conclusion Chapter 3 Borderline cases of coordination? Introduction 3.1. Four supposed borderline cases 3.2. A note on the semantic side of gapping 3.3. Conclusion and a potential problem Bibliographical notes Glossary Subject index List of references

Hans Broekhuis, Norbert Corver

Syntax of Dutch

Coordination and Ellipsis

The multi-volume work Syntax of Dutch presents a synthesis of current thinking on Dutch syntax. The text of the seven already available volumes was written between 1995 and 2015 and issued in print between 2012 and 2016. The various volumes are primarily concerned with the description of the Dutch language and, only where this is relevant, with linguistic theory. They will be an indispensable resource for researchers and advanced students of languages and linguistics interested in the Dutch language. This volume is the final one of the series and addresses issues relating to coordination. It contains three chapters. Chapter 1 discusses the syntactic and semantic properties of coordinate structures and their constituting elements, that is, the coordinators and the coordinands they link. Chapter 2 discusses the types of ellipsis known as conjunction reduction and gapping found in coordinate structures. Chapter 3 discusses elements seemingly exhibiting coordination-like properties, such as dan ‘than’ in comparative constructions like Jan is groter dan zij ‘Jan is taller than she’.

Hans Broekhuis

Hans Broekhuis is a researcher on the Variationist Linguistics Language Portal at the Meertens Instituut, part of the Dutch academy of sciences (KNAW). He has published with colleagues many volumes in the Syntax of Dutch series, and has co-edited Broekhuis, H. & R. Vogel. (2013) Linguistic Derivations and Filtering. Minimalism and Optimality Theory (Equinox, 2013), and a monograph entitled Derivations and evaluations. Object shift in the Germanic languages (Mouton de Gruyter, 2008)

Norbert Corver

Norbert Corver is professor of Dutch linguistics at Utrecht University.