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AUP's international marketing strategy for academic titles is designed to reach scholars, specialists, and readers effectively through cultivated distribution of information. We work closely with partnered institutions, attend key academic conferences, and always create and communicate opportunities for promotion.

Reaching the Readers

For all our academic products we develop and distribute metadata that enables discoverability of our titles through repositories, research databases, discovery service and ebook platforms, such as Cambridge Core, De Gruyter, EBSCO, Ebrary/Proquest, JSTOR and others.

To reach the end-users we focus on a refinement of marketing, instead of generic measures, towards specialisation and author cultivation. AUP has an established framework that covers the essentials of promoting book series and books, whether in print or electronic format, to the academic market:

  • Sending direct mail campaigns (subject-focused newsletters)
  • Sending monthly title information to key vendors
  • Sending out publication announcements and making (e)-copies available for book reviewers
  • Preparing PDF flyers for authors to distribute amongst peers and upload onto their online academic profiles
  • Listing the book on our online catalogue
  • Active use of Social Media; we are committed to connecting online with our authors and editors, as well as with institutions, societies, journals, press and other publishers
  • Promotion at relevant academic conferences
  • Engage in cross-marketing opportunities with institutes, annual events, or media platforms that are interesting to a specific target audience

We appreciate that each book and author is unique. With this in mind, we work to develop a strategy specific to each project.


AUP's academic books are integrated in various Library Management Systems, Discovery Layers, Linking Products and Workflow Tools. AUP is discoverable through the most prominent discovery platforms:

  • ProQuest-ExLibris Primo
  • ProQuest-ExLibris Summon
  • EBSCO Discovery Service
  • WorldCat Discovery
  • Proquest-360 Link
  • Proquest-360 Search
  • Proquest-OASIS Technical Services
  • Proquest-Syndetic Solutions

Author Marketing

We consider book marketing to be a collaborative process and we actively approach our series board members, authors and contributors. As a result, AUP provides a tailored marketing toolkit to reach our readers and ensure our publications have maximum impact. This toolkit includes advice for optimal promotion through social media and the authors personal network.

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