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Amsterdam University Press Response to COVID-19

We at Amsterdam University Press are taking measures to support our colleagues, business partners, authors, and readers during these exceptional times. If you need to get in touch with any questions or concerns, please do send us an email.
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Measures in place


Like many, the majority of our staff have been working from home and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This is not an entirely new experience for some of us and we're fortunate that most operational aspects of the Press allow for this type of flexibility.

Review Copy Policy

Due to the measures being taken to stop further spreading of the Coronavirus, many university buildings and businesses remain closed. This is having an impact on delivery services and our warehouses who are receiving many returns where couriers have been unable to make the delivery. In line with other publishers, AUP are sending digital review copies, where possible.


The cancellation of 2020 conferences sadly continues. Starting with the cancelled Spring conferences, we have successfully moved to exhibiting our books virtually with a conference discount. Please continue look out for our virtual conference exhibits as we announce them on social media and newsletters.

Conferences that AUP were planning on attending, that have been cancelled or postponed due to the Coronavirus:

Check out our current Virtual Exhibits for 40% discount promotions:

News and further support

Coronavirus-Impacted Libraries Get Unlimited Access to Ebook Central Holdings

ProQuest has partnered with more than 75 publishers, including AUP, to support libraries in providing unlimited access to Ebook Central holdings for all patrons – at no extra charge.

Amsterdam University Press to collaborate on a "Social Distancing Reading List" with the Association of University Presses

In an initiative set up by Penn State University Press (PSU Press) and in collaboration with many other University Presses, AUP will be sharing Open Access content for a 'Social Distancing Reading List'. The idea is to create a list of books from a variety of UPs that are particularly appropriate, escapist, or informative for these times, as Cate Fricke, Associate Marketing Director, Publicity & Promotions, at PSU Press writes:

It feels like one of those times when we’re all going to need community, and university presses are pretty good at showing how well community can work, even when as individuals we might wake up wondering how on earth we can talk about books with such goings-on. I’m betting we can put together something that serves as a respite for our readers, a chance to connect across presses, and, if nothing else, a momentary distraction from the news.

We'll be sharing updates as this initiative develops. For now, we have collected a few titles for the list and these are shown below.

Related and informative

  • Pandemic Disease in the Medieval World: Rethinking the Black Death, Monica H. Green (ed.) (Arc Humanities Press, 2015) - Download
  • Leeuwenhoek's Legatees and Beijerinck's Beneficiaries: A History of Medical Virology in The Netherlands, Gerard van Doornum, Ton van Helvoort, and Neeraja Sankaran (Amsterdam University Press, 2020) - Download
  • Body, Capital, and Screens: Visual Media and the Healthy Self in the 20th Century, Christian Bonah and Anja Laukötter (eds) (Amsterdam University Press, 2020) - Download
  • Emerging Socialities in 21st Century Healthcare, Bernhard Hadolt and Anita Hardon (eds) (Amsterdam University Press, 2017) - Download

Unrelated but informative

  • The Playful Citizen: Civic Engagement in a Mediatized Culture, René Glas, Sybille Lammes, Michiel de Lange, Joost Raessens, Imar de Vries (eds) (Amsterdam University Press, 2019) - Download
  • Women and Power at the French Court, 1483-1563, Susan Broomhall (ed.) (Amsterdam University Press, 2018) - Download
  • Heritage and Romantic Consumption in China, Yujie Zhu (Amsterdam University Press, 2018) - Download
  • The Aesthetics of Global Protest: Visual Culture and Communication, Aidan McGarry, Itir Erhart, Hande Eslen-Ziya, Olu Jenzen, and Umut Korkut (eds) (Amsterdam University Press, 2019) - Download

Contact us

For general queries please get in touch with us through the email address most relevant to your inquiry as listed here. Alternatively, a complete list of AUP staff can be found here.

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020