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Ear to Asia Podcast: Vietnamese seeking their fortunes underground in Russia

On this Ear to Asia podcast presented by Ali Moore and produced by Asia Institute, Dr Lan Anh Hoang provides insights from her new book into how uncertainty shapes social practice, identity and belonging in the context of irregular migration from Vietnam to Russia.
Dr Lan Anh Hoang

For Vietnamese seeking their fortunes abroad, it turns out Russia is a sought after destination. Entering on short stay visas and overstaying sometimes for decades, they typically find work in urban market complexes, and in some cases resort to illegal activities to make ends meet. So what draws the Vietnamese to Russia? What are their day-to-day lives like? And given their insecure immigration status, what are their prospects in the long term? International development expert Dr Lan Anh Hoang shares their stories and her insights. Presented by Ali Moore.

Text and podcast produced by Asia Institute, University of Melbourne.

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Tuesday, August 18th, 2020