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Painting and Publishing as Cultural Industries by Claartje Rasterhoff shortlisted for the Karel van Mander Prize 2019

The jury of the most important art-historical prize in the Netherlands - the Karel van Mander Prize - have announced the shortlist for publications in the Visual Arts and Crafts 1550-1700 category. Painting and Publishing as Cultural Industries by Claartje Rasterhoff (Amsterdam University Press 2016) has been nominated for the prize!
The bookshop and lottery office of Jan de Groot in the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam, Isaac Ouwater, anonymous, 1758-1843.
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

The Karel van Mander Prize, founded in 1958, is awarded annually by the Association of Dutch Art Historians to a Dutch art historian for their publication and valuable contribution to art history.

The nominations for the Karel van Mander Prize 2019 are (in alphabetical order):

  • Baarsen, Reinier J. Kwab: ornament als kunst in de eeuw van Rembrandt. Amsterdam (nai010 uitgevers; Rijksmuseum Amsterdam), 2018. Tent. cat. Rijksmuseum Amsterdam 30 June-16 September 2018. With a contribution from Ine Castelijns van Beek. Also published in English.
  • Bruijn, Emile de. Chinese wallpaper in Britain and Ireland. London (Philip Wilson Publishers Ltd.), 2017.
  • Buijsen, Edwin. De schilderijenproductie van Adriaen Pietersz. van de Venne (1589-1662) : traditie, innovatie, commercie. Nijmegen (own edition), 2018. Proefschrift Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen.
  • Goudriaan, Elisa. Florentine Patricians and Their Networks. Structures Behind the Cultural Success and the Political Representation of the Medici Court (1600-1660). Leiden (Brill), 2018.
  • Leeflang, Huigen, and Pieter Roelofs (eds.). Hercules Segers: painter, etcher. Amsterdam (nai010 uitgevers; Rijksmuseum Amsterdam), 2016. 2 delen. Tent. cat. Rijksmuseum Amsterdam 7 oktober 2016-8 januari 2017. Bijdragen van Dyonisia Christoforou, Erik Hinterding, Nadine M. Orenstein, Ad Stijnman, Jaap van der Veen and Arie Wallert.
  • Rasterhoff, Claartje. Painting and Publishing as Cultural Industries: The Fabric of Creativity in the Dutch Republic, 1580-1800. Amsterdam Studies in the Dutch Golden Age. Amsterdam (Amsterdam University Press), 2016.

Judge Huigen Leeflang has been nominated and has been replaced by a new jury member: Dr. Jan L. de Jong.

Painting and Publishing as Cultural Industries: The Fabric of Creativity in the Dutch Republic, 1580-1800 (Amsterdam University Press 2016)

The Dutch Republic was a cultural powerhouse in the modern era, producing lasting masterpieces in painting and publishing-and in the process transforming those fields from modest trades to booming industries. This book asks the question of how such a small nation could become such a major player in those fields. Claartje Rasterhoff shows how industrial organisations played a role in shaping patterns of growth and innovations.

The jury of the Karel van Mander Prize 2019

Members of the jury:

  • Prof.dr. Volker Manuth, Professor of Art History at Radboud University Nijmegen
  • Dr. Jan L. de Jong, Art History teacher at the University of Groningen
  • Drs. Sabine Craft-Giepmans, Senior Curator and Program Manager RKD Netherlands Institute for Art History The Hague
  • Drs. Suzanne Lambooy, Curator of Applied Art, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

Chairman: Dr. Annette de Vries (VNK) Secretary: Geerte Broersma, MA (VNK)

The Karel van Mander Prize will be presented at the anniversary symposium The success of art history on 11 October 2019.

Thursday, August 8th, 2019