Heather Dalton

Heather Dalton is an Honorary Fellow in the School of Historical & Philosophical Studies at the University of Melbourne and member of the Cabot Project at the University of Bristol. The focus of her research is relationships in maritime trading networks and early contacts between Australasia, the Americas, and Europe. She is the author of Merchants and Explorers: Roger Barlow, Sebastian Cabot and Networks of Atlantic Exchange, 1500--1560 (2016), and co-author of ‘Frederick II of Hohenstaufen’s Australasian cockatoo: symbol of detente between East and West and evidence of the Ayyubid Sultanate’s global reach’ (Parergon, 2018). Dr Dalton’s article, ‘A Sulphur-crested Cockatoo in fifteenth century Mantua: Rethinking symbols of sanctity and patterns of trade’ (Renaissance Studies, 2014), won the ANZAMEMS’ inaugural Philippa Maddern Early Career Researcher Publication Prize in 2016.