Towards a Decent Labour Market for Low-Waged Migrant Workers
Towards a Decent Labour Market for Low-Waged Migrant Workers
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Table of contents Tesseltje de Lange & Conny Rijken Towards a Decent Labour Market for Low Waged Migrant Workers: An Introduction Section 1: Setting the scene: imbalances on the labour market Chapter 1 Bert van Roermund The Challenge of Migration: Politics as Labour and Labour as Politics Chapter 2 Regine Paul How "Low-Skilled" Migrant Workers Are Made: Border-Drawing In Migration Policy Section 2: Access to the labour market for EU citizen and third country nationals Chapter 3 Mijke Houwerzijl & Annette Schrauwen From Competing to Aligned Narratives on Posted and other Mobile Workers within the EU? Chapter 4 Jan Cremers & Ronald Dekker Labour Arbitrage on European Labour Markets: Free Movement and the Role of Intermediaries Chapter 5 Margarite Zoeteweij The seasonal workers directive: another vicious circle? Chapter 6 Petra Herzfeld Olsson Towards Protection of Vulnerable Labour Migrants in Sweden - The Case of the Thai Berry Pickers Chapter 7 Tesseltje de Lange Asylum seekers' limited right to work in the Netherlands Section 3: Imbalances and vulnerabilities Chapter 8 Conny Rijken When bad labour conditions become exploitation Chapter 9 Lisa Berntsen & Tesseltje de Lange Employer sanctions: instrument of labour market regulation, migration control and worker protection? Chapter 10 Lucia Della Torre Bottom-up Approaches to the Regularisation of Undocumented Migrants: the Swiss Case Chapter 11 Hans Siebers When Nationalism Meets Soft Skills: Towards a Comprehensive Framework for Explaining Ethno-migrant Inequality in the Dutch Labour Market Chapter 12 Johan Graafland Collective Agreements and Equal Opportunities for Women and Disadvantaged Groups

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"The value of this book is the multifaceted approach and selection of presented cases. The book can be useful not only for the experts in migration studies but also for the students of law, public policy, and economics to understand complexity of relations between labour market, migration, and regulations." - Irina Molodikova, Nordic Journal of Migration Research, 2019

Conny Rijken

Tesseltje de Lange (ed.)

Towards a Decent Labour Market for Low-Waged Migrant Workers

Central to this edited volume is the legal position and the labour situation of non-EU and EU low-waged migrant workers. Towards a Decent Labour Market for Low-Waged Migrant Workers presents ground breaking research on policies and practices in search of striking a right balance between the economic ambitions and the negative consequences thereof, for labour market dynamics such as down-ward wage pressures, unfair competition, the abuse of migrant workers and even the long-term setback for the children of previously low-waged migrant workers. Imbalances or presumed imbalances between free market mechanisms, labour migration policies, labour market protection and corrective mechanisms to protect migrant workers, thus come to the fore. The contributors to this volume will deconstruct some of these imbalances, and shed light on its causes, consequences and interrelatedness with other factors. Possible solutions that contribute to a decent labour market, in which rights of low-waged migrant workers are more respected, will be discussed.

Conny Rijken

Conny Rijken is professor of Human Trafficking and Globalization at Tilburg University.

Tesseltje de Lange

Tesseltje de Lange is hoogleraar Europees Migratierecht en directeur van het Centrum voor Migratierecht aan de Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen.