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Vietnamese Migrants in Russia
Vietnamese Migrants in Russia
Mobility in Times of Uncertainty
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"This is an exceptionally fascinating commentary on how the uncertainty of the Moscow environment has created possibilities as well as difficulties for Vietnamese migrants. Compellingly argued, with rich ethnographic data, this is a wonderful addition to the literature on migration." - Mandy Thomas, Executive Dean, Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology "Deeply compelling and irresistibly important, Lan Anh Hoang has provided an extraordinary analysis on a much-overlooked migrant community in Russia’s changing socioeconomic and racial landscape ... a significant achievement." - Hung Cam Thai, Professor of Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center "This book offers a conceptually sophisticated yet fine-grained analysis of how Vietnamese migrants improvise in mastering the art of contingent living in Russia’s shadow economy. It is an important reading for all those interested in migration and mobility." - Brenda Yeoh, Professor of Geography, National University of Singapore

Lan Anh Hoang

Vietnamese Migrants in Russia

Mobility in Times of Uncertainty

Drawing on ethnographic research conducted at Moscow’s wholesale markets from 2013 to 2016, Vietnamese Migrants in Russia: Mobility in Times of Uncertainty provides original insights into how uncertainty shapes social practice, identity and belonging in the context of irregular migration from Vietnam to Russia. The study speaks to various debates in migration and mobility studies -- particularly those focused on brokerage networks, the political economy of sexuality, and social belonging -- deepening our knowledge of how the core social values and cultural logics that underpin Vietnamese personhood are challenged and reconstituted by the ethos of the market economy. This book sheds important light on processes of mobility and social change in post-socialist societies that continue to grapple with yawning chasms between old and new ways of life, the local and the global, policy and practice, and obsolete governance techniques and rapidly changing socio-economic realities.
€ 98,99
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Lan Anh Hoang

Lan Anh Hoang is Senior Lecturer in Development Studies in the School of Social and Political Sciences, the University of Melbourne, Australia.