Power of the Invisible
Power of the Invisible
The Quantessence of Reality
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Volume I: The Journey: From Classical to Quantum Worlds
Volume II: Quantessence: How Quantum Theory Works
Volume III: Hierachies: The Emergence of Diversity

Reviews and Features

“In three masterfully written and beautifully illustrated books Bais gives he interested reader a unique and comprehensive overview of the foundations, the inner workings, and the far-reaching implications of the quantum revolution.”

Erik and Herman Verlinde, Professors of Theoretical Physics, University of Amsterdam and Princeton University

“This remarkable book is a tribute to the magic of science. […] It is a bible for aspiring physicists to catapult their worldview and scientific maturity light years ahead; a compendium for older scientists to reflect on the world and fill holes in their knowledge; and a gorgeous coffee table book for any aficionado of science who wants to contemplate the wonders of the universe. Most of all, it is fun to read and ready to become a cult classic.”

J. Doyne Farmer, Baillie Gifford Professor of Complex Systems Science, Smith School of Geography and Environment, Oxford University, Founder of Prediction Company, and Chief Scientists of Macrocosm Ltd. “Power of the Invisible focuses on the explosion of quantum mechanics into our world, from its origins in the early 20th century to its manifestation as computing technology in the 21st, with clear, and often mathematical, explanations of its myriad consequences and extrapolations, from liquid Helium to the Standard model, to superstrings… his account of this domain makes a subject with a difficult reputation wonderfully transparent.”

Michael Freedman, Fields medal recipient, UC Santa Barbara, Founding Director Station Q Microsoft

“This beautiful three-part journey is an insightful and profound exploration of the hidden depths of the quantum realm and its far-reaching implications and applications. Beyond your typical popular science book, The Power of the Invisible offers readers an immersive and enlightening experience that goes far beyond the surface level. With Bais as your guide, you’ll be granted a rare glimpse into the unseen world that lies beneath the fabric of our reality.”

Harry Buhrman, Professor of Quantum Computation, University of Amsterdam, Director QuSoft

Sander Bais

Power of the Invisible

The Quantessence of Reality

Quantum Physics is the solid basis of most of our understanding of nature and has been the driver of many technological advances. The trilogy Power of the Invisible: The Quantessence of Reality gives a coherent account of this huge domain of knowledge, which is linked to some fifty Nobel prizes and is one of the greatest scientific achievements of the twentieth century.
This quantum story follows three lines in parallel: a pictorial, an explanatory and a mathematical one.

Sander Bais

Sander Bais is a well-known theoretical physicist from the University of Amsterdam and was a long-time external faculty member of the Sante Fe Institute. His popular books like Very Special Relativity, The Equations and In Praise of Science have together appeared in more than 15 languages.