Music of the Twentieth Century
Music of the Twentieth Century
A Study of Its Elements and Structure
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Table of Contents - 6 Foreword by Rokus de Groot - 8 Preface - 10 Introduction - 12 Chapter 1: Panorama - 20 Chapter 2: Rhythm - 38 Chapter 3: Melody - 60 Chapter 4: Simultaneity - 78 Chapter 5: Timbre - 98 Chapter 6: Exoticism and Folklore - 118 Chapter 7: From Free Atonality to 12-Note Music - 136 Chapter 8: From 12-Note Music to… - 164 Chapter 9: From the Sixties to the Present Day - 196 Notes - 206 List of Examples - 210 List of Abbreviations - 214 Acknowledgements - 216 About the Author - 218 Index - 220

Arlette de Leeuw

Music of the Twentieth Century

A Study of Its Elements and Structure

Ton de Leeuw (1926-96) is probably one of the most influential composers at the crossroads between Eastern philosophy and Western technique. A one-time pupil of Olivier Messiaen’s in Paris, throughout the latter years of his musical career he concentrated on the marriage of Western emphasis on action and tension, and the ethical function of music in Eastern traditions. The musical world of the twentieth century is a divided one. Numerous histories of it have been written, but few of the exceptional quality of de Leeuw’s, who brought into his writing a lifetime of experience as a composer and scholar of music. His work is a lucid and impassioned discussion of the elements, structures, compositional principles and terminologies in modern music that can be regarded as most innovatory. This book is an excellent guide for anyone wishing to gain knowledge of the compositional technique and mentality, particularly university and conservatory students.

Arlette de Leeuw

De componist Ton de Leeuw (1926-1996) was hoofdwetenschappelijk medewerker twintigste eeuwse muziek aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam, aan de vakgroep Muziekwetenschappen. Tevens docent compositie, hoofd van de elektronische studio en artistiek directeur aan het Sweelinckconservatorium in Amsterdam. Hij is aan veel buitenlandse universiteiten werkzaam geweest, o.a als gastdocent aan de University of California, Berkely (Ernest Bloch’s chair). Honderden lezingen en artikelen over twintigste eeuwse muziek en niet-westerse muziek; vele workshops in Europa, Azië, de VS en Australië.