Drama as Text and Performance
Drama as Text and Performance
Strindberg's and Bergman's Miss Julie
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Foreword 7 Strindberg’s Miss Julie 10 The text 10 The preface 11 Reader or spectator? 12 Time and place 17 Action 19 Characters 20 Configurations 25 Entrances and exits 27 Speech situations 29 Addressing and reporting 37 Narration 44 Dialogue 53 Key words 64 Symbolism 71 Opening 75 Mimes 78 Ballet 79 Ending 80 “A Naturalistic Tragedy” 82 Bergman’s Miss Julie 91 Conclusions 121 Photos from the performance 126 Förord 139 Strindbergs Fröken Julie 142 Texten 142 Photos from the performance

Egil Törnqvist

Drama as Text and Performance

Strindberg's and Bergman's Miss Julie

This bilingual English-Swedish study of August Strindberg’s renowned play Miss Julie (1888) provides a penetrating analysis of the author’s text and of Ingmar Bergman’s praised 1985 production. The book is a paradigmatic illustration of similarities and differences between text and performance. The Bergman part is highlighted by a number of black-and-white illustrations from the stage performance. The complete text is also available on the website www.missjulie.eu, where a great many stills and some moving images can be found.

Egil Törnqvist

Egil Törnqvist (19.12.1932 - 9.3.2015) was professor emeritus of Scandinavian studies at the University of Amsterdam, author of Drama as Text and Performance, and a leading Strindberg and Bergman scholar. In 2004, he received the renowned Strindberg Prize.