The Holy Drama
The Holy Drama
Persian Passion Play in Modern Iran
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Studies on Persian Passion Play
Translations in European languages
A Short History of Ta‘ziya
The Movements after ‘...r. and the Development of Ta‘ziya
Late Medieval and Modern Ta‘ziya
The Devotional Contents of Ta‘ziya
Oral Tradition in Ta‘ziya Texts
Ta‘ziya Players and Devices
Audience Participation in the Ta‘ziya
Zeynab in Ta‘ziya
‘...r., the Martyrdom of Im.m .useyn
A Crisis of Succession
The Martyrdom of Im.m .useyn
The Concept of in Shiite Tradition
Martyrdom (.ah.dat)
Islamic Eschatology
Eschatology in the Ta‘ziya Texts
The Ta‘ziya Texts
Time and Setting as the Background of the Events
The Theme of Day
The Theme of Night
Settings in Ta‘ziya
Doctrines and Philosophy in Ta‘ziya
The Legitimacy of Ta‘ziya
Zeynab in the Passion Play
Veiling and its Supporters in the Ta‘ziya Texts
Zeynab as a Role Model for Iranian Women
Zeynab’s Sermons
Zeynab, Justice and Destiny
Zeynab Inspired
Zeynab’s Spiritual Power
Zeynab the Leader
Zeynab as Saviour of the Shiite Tradition and the Line of
Zeynab the Generous
Zeynab and the Protagonists
Zeynab and Im.m .useyn
Zeynab and Sakina
Zeynab as Mother
Zeynab as Defender
Zeynab and the Mother of Q.sem
Zeynab and the Antagonists
Zeynab and Yazid
Zeynab and .emr
Zeynab and Ibn al-Ziy.d
The Transformation of History
Pre-Islamic Iranian Elements in the Ta‘ziya Texts
Glossary: The Ta‘ziya of the Damascus Bazaar
The Ta‘ziya of the Damascus Bazaar

Reviews and Features

"This is a timely addition to the growing body of scholarship on the subject of ta'ziya, based chiefly on previously unstudied textual sources along with a masterful analysis of a central aspect of twelver Shia Islam as practiced in Iran." Sunil Sharma (Boston University)

Mahnia A. Nematollahi Mahani

The Holy Drama

Persian Passion Play in Modern Iran

Persian passion play or ta‘ziya depicts the role of the Prophet’s granddaughter Zeynab during the tragic death of the third Shiite Imam Hoseyn in Karbala in 680. This book depicts how Zeynab has become a role model in modern Iranian society, especially during the Islamic Revolution and the Iran-Iraq War.

Mahnia A. Nematollahi Mahani

Mahnia A. Nematollahi Mahani worked as an editor at the Center for International Cultural Studies in Tehran, before she started her academic career in Persian Studies at Leiden University.