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Women's Writing from the Low Countries 1200-1875
Women's Writing from the Low Countries 1200-1875
A Bilingual Anthology
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This book provides a welcome English translation of a marvelous anthology of women’s religious and secular writing, stretching from the visions of the late medieval mystics through the prison testaments of sixteenth-century Anabaptist martyrs to the pamphleteers and novelists of the growing urban bourgeoisie. The fresh translations and engaging introductions demonstrate the ways that women in the Low Countries shaped the intellectual and cultural developments of their eras. Merry Wiesner-Hanks, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Societal support for women writers in the Low Countries ebbed and flowed with the political tides during the centuries represented in this work. Women's Writing from the Low Countries, 1200-1875 offers a new and important treasury of women's lves and writing to ensure that they are remembered. This collected canon may well inspire future writers. Mara M.J. Egherman, Feminist Collections Journal

Women's Writing from the Low Countries 1200-1875

A Bilingual Anthology

This landmark bilingual Dutch-English anthology introduces women’s writing in the Low Countries from 1200 to 1875 through a variety of texts characterised by the religious, social, political and feminist engagement of their authors, as well as their extraordinary artistic achievement. Dutch and Flemish female writers produced work of ardent religious passion, ranging from medieval mysticism through the scathing anti-Reformation polemic to pious Anabaptist reflections. Other writers addressed current social and political debates or demonstrated fierce feminist engagement. Talented authors made important contributions to established genres such as the sonnet and the social novel or introduced new ones, like the epistolary novel. This invaluable volume, the first of its kind, explores and illustrates women’s historical involvement in the literary world of the Low Countries, their opportunities and hindrances, and the experiences, which found their way into women’s texts.
€ 73,95
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Lia van Gemert

Lia van Gemert is Professor of Historical Dutch Literature at the University of Amsterdam and director of the Amsterdam Centre for the study of the Golden Age.

Dieuwke van der Poel

Dieuwke van der Poel is senior docent onderzoeker Middelnederlandse letterkunde aan de Universiteit Utrecht.

Olga van Marion

Olga van Marion is universitair docent Vroegmoderne Nederlandse literatuur aan de Universiteit Leiden.

Hermina Joldersma

Hermina Joldersma is em. hoogleraar Germaanse talen en literatuur aan de Universiteit van Calgary (Calgary Alberta).

Riet Schenkeveld-van der Dussen

Riet Schenkveld-van der Dussen is em. hoogleraar Vroegmoderne Nederlandse letterkunde aan de Universiteit Utrecht.