Singapore in Global History
Singapore in Global History
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Asian Studies
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Table of Contents - 6 List of Tables and Illustrations - 8 Foreword - 10 1 Globalising the History of Singapore - 12 2 Situating Temasik within the LargerRegional Context: Maritime Asia and Malay State Formation in the Pre-Modern Era1 - 28 3 The Singapore River/Port in a Global Context - 52 4 ‘Walls of Illusion’:Information Generation in Colonial Singapore and the Reporting of the Mahdi-Rebellion in Sudan, 1887-1890 - 68 5 The Littoral and the Literary:Making Moral Communities in the Straits Settlements and the Gold Coast in the late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century - 90 6 Social Discourse and Economic Functions:The Singapore Chinese in Japan’s Southward Expansion between 1914 and 1941 - 112 7 The Dynamics of Trans-Regional Business and National Politics:The Impact of Events in China on Fujian-SingaporeTea Trading Networks, 1920-1960 - 136 8 Rambutans in the Picture:Han Wai Toon and the Articulation of Space by the Overseas Chinese in Singapore1 - 152 9 The Global Effects of an Ethnic Riot:Singapore, 1950-1954 - 174 10 The British Military Withdrawal from Singapore and the Anatomy of a Catalyst - 196 11 Bringing the International and Transnational back in: Singapore, Decolonisation,and the Cold War - 216 12 The Global and the Regional in Lee Kuan Yew’s Strategic Thought:The Early Cold War Years1 - 236 13 A Brief History of the Hub:Navigating between ‘Global’and ‘Asian’ in Singapore’s Knowledge Economy Discourse - 270 About the Contributors - 292 Bibliography - 298 Other Reference Materials - 318

Derek Heng, Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied (eds)

Singapore in Global History

Summer Sale, Offer lasts until August 31 € 59.95 € 24.00This important overview explores the connections between Singapore’s past with historical developments worldwide until present day. The contributors analyse Singapore as a city-state seeking to provide an interdisciplinary perspective to the study of the global dimensions contributing to Singapore’s growth. The book’s global perspective demonstrates that many of the discussions of Singapore as a city-state have relevance and implications beyond Singapore to include Southeast Asia and the world. This vital volume should not be missed by economists, as well as those interested in imperial history, business history and networks.

Derek Heng

Derek Heng is assistant professor of history at the Ohio State University at Marion.

Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied

Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied is assistant professor of Malay Studies at the National University of Singapore and author of Colonialism, Violence and Muslims in Southeast Asia (New York: Routledge, 2009).