Dynamics of Power in Dutch Integration Politics
Dynamics of Power in Dutch Integration Politics
From Accommodation to Confrontation
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Dynamics of Power in Dutch Integration Politics - 2 SOLIDARITY AND IDENTITY - 3 Table of contents - 6 Tables and figures - 10 Acknowledgements - 12 PART I - 14 1 Introduction: Integration politics and the enigma of power - 16 2 The struggle for civil power - 22 PART II - 46 3 Introduction to Part II: Civil power and the integration debate - 48 4 The evolution of the Dutch civil sphere - 62 5 The ascendancy of Culturalism - 78 6 Contesting Culturalism: Antiracism, Pragmatism and Civil Islam - 122 PART III - 154 7 Introduction to Part III: Civil power and governance figurations - 156 8 The minorities policy and the dominance of the radical left: Ethnic corporatism in Amsterdam in the 1980s - 168 9 Diversity management and the gentrification of civil society: Civil liberalism in Amsterdam in the 1990s - 186 10 Governing through Islam: Civil differentialism in Amsterdam after 9/11 and the assassination of Theo van Gogh - 202 11 The rise of Culturalism and the resilience of minority associations: Civil corporatism in Rotterdam - 218 12 Comparing the power of minority associations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam - 234 PART IV - 246 13 Conclusion: The dynamics of power - 247 Appendix 1: Assigning codes to articles - 266 Appendix 2: Assigning codes to relations between actors - 272 Notes - 274 References - 290 SOLIDARITY AND IDENTITY - 306

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"This meticulously researched and theoretically sophisticated book develops an original, provocative sociological interpretation of contemporary political struggles in the Netherlands around “integration politics”. Uitermark frames his interpretation not only in relation to the specificity of Dutch trends but as a broader contribution to theories of power in modern society. His book offers a brilliant analysis of a key dimension of early 21st century political life." -- Neil Brenner, professor of urban theory at the Harvard Graduate School of Design |"The study of Justus Uitermark is a must-read for all those international observers who ask themselves: 'What happened to The Netherlands and its longstanding tradition of tolerance?'" -- Jean Tillie, professor of electoral politics at the University of Amsterdam

Justus Uitermark

Dynamics of Power in Dutch Integration Politics

From Accommodation to Confrontation

Integration politics in the Netherlands has changed dramatically between 1990 and 2005. Whereas ethnic and religious differences were hitherto pacified through accommodation, a new and increasingly powerful current in Dutch politics problematized the presence of minorities. This development represents a challenge to sociologists and political scientists: how to map and explain drastic changes? Arguing that extant approaches are better at explaining continuity than change, this book develops a relational discourse analysis to understand dynamic power relations in national as well as local politics.

Justus Uitermark

Justus Uitermark is Professor of Community Development at the Sociology Department of Erasmus University Rotterdam.