Players and Arenas
Players and Arenas
The Interactive Dynamics of Protest
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Introduction: Playing the Game: By James M. Jasper Part One: Insiders and Supporters Chapter 1: Movement Factions: Players and Processes Francesca Polletta and Kelsy Kretschmer Chapter 2: Fractal Arenas: Dilemmas of Style and Strategy in a Brazilian Student Congress Ann Mische Chapter 3: Beyond Channeling and Professionalization: Foundations as Strategic Players in Social Movements Ed Walker Chapter 4: "Mind the Gap:" Strategic Interaction During Summit Protests Christian Scholl Part Two: Market Arenas Chapter 5: Corporations as Players and Arenas Philip Balsiger Chapter 6: Professions, Social Movements, and the Sovereign Corporations Frank Dobbin and Jiwook Jung Chapter 7: The Double Game of Unions and the Labor Movement Ruth Milkman Part Three: Experts, Intellectuals, and Media Chapter 8: Giving Voice: The Ambivalent Roles of Specific Intellectuals in Immigrant and LGBT Movements Walter Nicholls and Justus Uitermark Chapter 9: Playing with Fire: Flame Retardant Activists and Policy Arenas Alissa Cordner, Phil Brown, and Margaret Mulcahy Chapter 10: Put Me in, Coach? Referee? Team Owner? Stadium Security? How the News Media Cover Politics, Protest, Movements, and SMOs Edwin Amenta, Neal Caren, Amber Celina Tierney Chapter 11: When and Why Religious Groups Become Political Players: The "Pro-Life" Movement in Nicaragua Silke Heumann and Jan Willem Duyvendak Chapter 12: What the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street Tell Us about Bystander Publics as Proto-Players Hahrie Han and Dara Strolovitch Conclusion: Jan Willem Duyvendak and Olivier Fillieule

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"Players and Arenas: The Interactive Dynamics of Protest is an important milestone for the ongoing interactionist insurgency in social movement studies."
- Benjamin Lamb-Books, Contemporary Sociology

Jan Willem Duyvendak, James Jasper (eds)

Players and Arenas

The Interactive Dynamics of Protest

Players and Arenas brings together a diverse group of experts to examine the interactions between political protestors and the many strategic players they encounter, such as cultural institutions, religious organizations, and the mass media“as well as potential allies, competitors, recruits, and funders. Discussing protestors and players as they interact within the arenas of specific social contexts, the essays show that the main constraints on what protestors can accomplish come not from social and political structures, but from other players with different goals and interests. Through a careful treatment of these situations, this volume offers a new way to approach the role of social protest in national and international politics.

Jan Willem Duyvendak

Jan Willem Duyvendak is sociologist at the University of Amsterdam. He has written a number of books on recent social movements, and is the co-editor of AUP's new book series, Protest and Social Movements.

James Jasper

James M. Jasper is a sociologist at the CUNY Graduate Center. He has each written a number of books on recent social movements, and is the co-editor of AUP's book series, Protest and Social Movements.