Animal Rights Activism
Animal Rights Activism
A Moral-Sociological Perspective on Social Movements
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List of Figures Preface Chapter 1. Introduction: A Moral-Sociological Perspective on Social Movements Chapter 2. Moral Reflexivity Chapter 3. Emotion Work Chapter 4. Secular Religion Chapter 5. Deviance-Management Chapter 6. Summation

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"The central thesis of this illuminating book is that the study of social movements could benefit from including a moral-sociological perspective that highlights the importance of moral reflexivity in activism. With this 144-page-long, coherently written and well-structured book, the two authors forcefully demonstrate how revisiting classical sociology remains a fruitful source in social sciences. This is a book of relevance to any social scientist with an interest in social movements, activists' lifeworlds, moral sociology, and the works of Emile Durkheim." - Marie Leth-Espensen, Lund University, Sweden, Acta Sociologica, 61 (2)

Kerstin Jacobsson, Jonas Lindblom

Animal Rights Activism

A Moral-Sociological Perspective on Social Movements

We're in an era of ever increasing attention to animal rights, and activism around the issue is growing more widespread and prominent. In this volume, Jonas Lindblom and Kerstin Jacobsson use the animal rights movement in Sweden to offer the first analysis of social movements through the lens of Emile Durkheim's sociology of morality. By positing social movements as essentially a moral phenomenon-and morality itself as a social fact-the book complements more structural, cultural, or strategic action-based approaches, even as it also demonstrates the continuing value of classical sociological approaches to understanding contemporary society.

Kerstin Jacobsson

Kerstin Jacobsson is Professor of Sociology at the University of Gothenburg. Her most recent books are Social Movements in Post-communist Europe and Russia (Routledge 2014) and Beyond NGO-ization. The Development of Social Movements in Central and Eastern Europe (Ashgate 2013, both co-edited with Steven Saxonberg).

Jonas Lindblom

Jonas Lindblom is Associate Professor of Sociology at Mälardalen University. Recent publications include articles in Deviant Behavior, Acta Sociologica and Social Movements Studies.