Everywhere Taksim
Everywhere Taksim
Sowing the Seeds for a New Turkey at Gezi
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List of Acronyms Introduction: Gezi in Retrospect SECTION I: GEZI PROTESTS AND DEMOCRATISATION 1 Evoking and Invoking Nationhood as Contentious Democratisation 2 'Everyday I'm Çapulling!': Global Flows and Local Frictions of Gezi 3 The Incentives and Actors of Protests in Turkey and Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2013 SECTION II: THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF PROTESTS 4 AKP Rule in the Aftermath of the Gezi Protests: From Expanded to Limited Hegemony? 5 Rebelling against Neoliberal Populist Regimes 6 Enough is Enough: What Do the Gezi Protestors Want to Tell Us? A Political Economy Perspective 7 'We Are More than Alliances between Groups': A Social Psychological Perspective on the Gezi Park Protesters and Negotiating Levels of Identity 8 Istanbul United: Football Fans Entering the 'Political Field' 9 Humour as Resistance? A Very Short Analysis of the Gezi Park Protest Graffiti 10 Where Did Gezi Come from? Exploring the Links between Youth Political Activism before and during the Gezi Protests SECTION IV: THE POLITICS OF SPACE AND IDENTITY AT GEZI 11 'We May Be Lessees, but the Neighbourhood is Ours': Gezi Resistances and Spatial Claims 12 Negotiating Religion at the Gezi Park Protests 13 Gezi Park: A Revindication of Public Space 14 Gezi Spirit in the Diaspora: Diffusion of Turkish Politics to Europe 15 Turkey's EU Membership Process in the Aftermath of Gezi Protests Conclusion List of Contributors

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"This volume, edited by Isabel David and Kumru Toktamis, is one of the first attempts to assess the mark Istanbul’s Gezi Park protests in May and June 2013 have left on Turkey’s political scene. The book’s most important contribution is its portrayal of the vibrancy of the Gezi Park protests and the possibilities of bottom-up citizen engagement." -- L’ubica Polláková IN International Affairs

Isabel David, Kumru Toktamis (eds)

Everywhere Taksim

Sowing the Seeds for a New Turkey at Gezi

In May 2013, a small group of protesters made camp in Istanbul's Taksim Square, protesting the privatisation of what had long been a vibrant public space. When the police responded to the demonstration with brutality, the protests exploded in size and force, quickly becoming a massive statement of opposition to the Turkish regime. This book assembles a collection of field research, data, theoretical analyses, and cross-country comparisons to show the significance of the protests both within Turkey and throughout the world.

Isabel David

Isabel David is Assistant Professor at the School of Social and Political Sciences, Universidade de Lisboa (University of Lisbon). Her research focuses on Turkish politics, Turkey-EU relations and collective action. She is currently editing a publication on Post-Islamism in Turkey.

Kumru Toktamis

Kumru F. Toktamis, PhD, is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Department of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies of Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY. Her research focuses on State Formation, Nationalism, Ethnicity and Collective Action. In 2014, she published a book chapter on Tribes and Democratization/De-Democratization in Libya.