The Holocaust, Israel and 'the Jew'
The Holocaust, Israel and 'the Jew'
Histories of Antisemitism in Postwar Dutch Society
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Table of Contents Table of Illustrations Preface 1. Why Jews are more guilty than others An introductory essay, 1945-2016 Evelien Gans I. Post Liberation Antisemitism 2. 'The Jew' as a Dubious Victim Evelien Gans 3. 'The Meek Jew' - and Beyond Evelien Gans 4. Alte Kameraden. Right-wing Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial Remco Ensel, Evelien Gans & Willem Wagenaar 5. Jewish Reactions to Post Liberation Antisemitism Evelien Gans II. Israel and 'The Jew' 6. Philosemitism? Ambivalences regarding Israel Evelien Gans 7. Transnational Left-wing Protest and 'The Powerful Zionist' Remco Ensel 8. Israel: Growing Polarisation Evelien Gans 9. 'The activist Jew' Responds to Changing Dutch Perceptions of Israel Katie Digan 10. Turkish anti-Zionism in the Netherlands. From Leftist to Islamist Activism Annemarike Stremmelaar III. The Holocaust-ed Jew in Native Domains since the 1980s 11. 'The Jew' in Football: To Kick Around or to Embrace Evelien Gans 12. Pornographic Antisemitism, Shoah Fatigue and Freedom of Speech Evelien Gans 13. Historikerstreit. The Stereotypical Jew in Recent Dutch Holocaust Studies Remco Ensel & Evelien Gans IV. Generations. Migrant Identites and Antisemitism in the Twenty-first Century 14. 'The Jew' vs. 'The Young Male Moroccan': Stereotypical Confrontations in the City Remco Ensel 15. Conspi-Racism: Islamic Redemptive Antisemitism and the Murder of Theo van Gogh Remco Ensel 16. Reading Anne Frank. Confronting Antisemitism in Turkish and Muslim Communities Annemarike Stremmelaar 17. Holocaust Commemorations in Post-colonial Dutch Society Remco Ensel 18. Epilogue: Instrumentalising and Blaming 'the Jew', 2011-2016 Evelien Gans References Index

Reviews and Features

"This is a very welcome volume, fit for teaching, and suitable as a handbook. It has a keen eye for controversy and tensions, for the political framework of incidents, and for the continuities and transformations of antisemitism. It is highly recommended for use in education on the legacy of the Holocaust and on the history and contemporary dynamics of antisemitism and other forms of discrimination, and also for those who follow developments in the Netherlands." - Dienke Hondius, Antisemitism Studies, Vol. 2, No. 1 (Spring 2018).

VPRO Boeken Bettine Siertsema en Evelien Gans: Een gesprek met Bettine Siertsema over haar onderzoek en boek 'Eerste Nederlandse getuigenissen van de Holocaust 1945-1946' en met Evelien Gans over The Holocaust, Israel and 'the Jew'. Watch here.

Vrij Nederland February 2018: Evelien Gans: '"De jood" leent zich voor alle mogelijke woede, rancune en frustratie'.

BMGN - Low Countries Historical Review by Anthony D. Kauders, available online here.

Review in NRC, 8 December 2017, read the review here.

"In het standaardwerk Holocaust, Israel en 'the Jew' houden Remco Ensel en Evelien Gans [=] "binnen- en buitenlandse lezers een onthullende spiegel voor van een verontrustend fenomeen in de Nederlandse samenleving, de toename en vertakking van antisemitisme. Antisemitisme is als zevenblad in de vaderlandse tuin." - Jan Slomp, De Brug, June 2017

"In The Holocaust, Israel and 'the Jew' van Evelien Gans en Remco Ensel worden de fijne maar pijnlijke nuances van risjes oftewel antisemitisme in Nederland haarscherp gefileerd ... Zij analyseren alle facetten van antisemitisme, leggen het (zonder ze gelijk te stellen) naast vreemdelingenhaat en islamofobie en belichten het ook vanuit de Nederlandse islamitische gemeenschap. Hun werk heeft directe maatschappelijke relevantie en de samenstellers verdienen daarvoor een groot compliment." - Joel Cahen, Historisch Magazine, nr. 5 July/August 2017

Five-page spread in Folia, University of Amsterdam's weekly magazine, page 28-30.

Interview with editor Evelien Gans in Dutch newspaper 'Reformatorisch Dagblad

Interview about Dutch antisemitism with editor Evelien Gans in national Dutch newspaper Het Parool

"[Gans] is known for her sharp analysis of the often subtle workings of antisemitism, and her scientific legacy is renowned for being applicable to all aspects of racism and discrimination that affects minority groups." - Nieuw Israëlisch Weekblad

- ["The Holocaust, Israel and 'the Jew'] is the first comprehensive study of post-war antisemitism in the Netherlands." The Jewish Telegraph

On December 15th 2016, Evelien Gans held her vale held her valedictory address as Professor of Contemporary Judaism, its History and Culture. Read her address (in Dutch) here.

Evelien Gans, Remco Ensel (eds)

The Holocaust, Israel and 'the Jew'

Histories of Antisemitism in Postwar Dutch Society

This book is the first comprehensive study of postwar antisemitism in the Netherlands. It focuses on the way stereotypes are passed on from one decade to the next, as reflected in public debates, the mass media, protests and commemorations, and everyday interactions. The Holocaust, Israel and 'the Jew' explores the ways in which old stories and phrases relating to 'the stereotypical Jew' are recycled and modified for new uses, linking the antisemitism of the early postwar years to its enduring manifestations in today's world.

The Dutch case is interesting because of the apparent contrast between the Netherlands' famous tradition of tolerance and the large numbers of Jews who were deported and murdered in the Second World War. The book sheds light on the dark side of this so-called 'Dutch paradox,' in manifestations of aversion and guilt after 1945. In this context, the abusive taunt 'They forgot to gas you' can be seen as the first radical expression of postwar antisemitism as well as an indication of how the Holocaust came to be turned against the Jews. The identification of 'the Jew' with the gas chamber spread from the streets to football stadiums, and from verbal abuse to pamphlet and protest. The slogan 'Hamas, Hamas all the Jews to the gas' indicates that Israel became a second marker of postwar antisemitism.

The chapters cover themes including soccer-related antisemitism, Jewish responses, philosemitism, antisemitism in Dutch-Moroccan and Dutch- Turkish communities, contentious acts of remembrance, the neo-Nazi tradition, and the legacy of Theo van Gogh. The book concludes with a lengthy epilogue on 'the Jew' in the politics of the radical right, the attacks in Paris in 2015, and the refugee crisis. The stereotype of 'the Jew' appears to be transferable to other minorities.

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Evelien Gans

Prof. dr. Evelien Gans (1951-2018) held the chair for Modern Jewish History at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). As a senior researcher, she was affiliated with the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

Remco Ensel

Dr. Remco Ensel studied anthropology and history at the University of Amsterdam. He teaches cultural history at the Radboud University Nijmegen and is affiliated with the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies.