Power Politics
Power Politics
How China and Russia Reshape the World
Vivien Collingwood
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"Wijk outlines a new realism for our age, one based on geoeconomics and geopolitical fault lines.Clear, brief, and usable in undergraduate courses. Highly recommended." - M. G. Roskin, Choice Connect

Rob de Wijk

Power Politics

How China and Russia Reshape the World

We tend to think of ourselves as living in a time when nations, for the most part, obey the rule of law - and where they certainly don't engage in the violent grabs for territory that have characterised so much of human history. But as Rob de Wijk shows in this book, power politics very much remains a force on the international scene. Offering analyses of such actions as Putin's annexation of the Crimea and China's attempts to claim large parts of the South China Sea, de Wijk explains why power politics never truly went away-and why, as the West's position weakens, it's likely to play a bigger and bigger role on the global stage in the coming years.

Rob de Wijk

Rob de Wijk is the Director of the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS) and Professor of International Relations and Security at the Campus the Hague of Leiden University. He was previously a Professor in the field of International Relations at the Royal Netherlands Military Academy and Head of the Defense Concepts Department at the Dutch Ministry of Defense.